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6 New Language Bundles of Joy Heading Your Way! Part 2

Hello Listener,

Last week, we confirmed Bulgarian, Finnish, and Vietnamese are coming in July, 2012.

In fact, you can go and sign up right now!

Just keep in mind that these fast, fun, and easy lessons don’t start ‘til July 2nd, while we get ready for launch. But let’s get back on track.

The next three languages are…


Filipino, Norwegian, and Turkish!

Why these languages? The users have spoken.

And we had to deliver.

Plus, while there were tons of website teaching a few basic words and phrases, they all skipped what really matters: speaking and understanding native conversation.

Before you choose one (or all three), remember – every new lesson published will be FREE to access for 3 weeks, when you sign up for any of our sites!

Learn Filipino with

This Austronesian language opens you up to beautiful weather and rich culture of the 7,107 islands within the Philippine archipelago. Not to mention, there are over 100 million Filipinos around the world to practice with! English is the second official language of the Philippines, so someone will always be able to help you understand the language better!

Start Speaking Norwegian with

English speakers rejoice! Norwegian is one of the easier languages to learn. It’s a Germanic language like English and thus has many words in common. There are about 5 million Norwegian speakers and as an added bonus, it’s more or less mutually intelligible with Swedish and Danish. That’s like learning one language and getting the next one free! Scandinavia, here we come!

Turkish Made Easy with

Turkey is like an open air museum with ancient temples everywhere you go. If that’s not enough for you, its turquoise seas will surely seal the deal. There are over 85 million Turkish speakers in the world and the country itself is a bridge between Europe and the Middle East. But isn’t the Turkish language hard, you ask? No! What you see is what you get. Turkish uses latin characters and is pronounced as it’s written. Plus, Turkish is an Altaic language and closely related to Japanese!

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Basic and Premium users enjoy access to all the lessons we’ve ever made and will make as well as Lesson Notes for each lesson. Premium members will speed up their learning with Premium learning tools such as online flashcards, line-by-line audio, video lessons, and mobile apps.

Save the date! July 2nd, 2012 is when our Bulgarian, Filipino, Finnish, Norwegian, Turkish, and Vietnamese sites go live!