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Top 20 French Words and Phrases you need to survive the Apocalypse

Zombies are coming, and they speak French! Do you have what it takes to survive? No?
How lucky you are, we have exactly what you need. Here is the Top 20 Words and Phrases you need to survive this Apocalypse!

top French words and phrases to survive zombies apocalypse

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-infection (n) fem

-peur (n) fem

-crâne (n) masc

-tombe (n) fem

-chair de poule fem
goose bumps

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-apocalypse (n) fem

-sortir du tombeau
rise from the grave

-Des zombies! Cours!
Zombies! Run!

-S’il y avait une attaque de zombies, où iriez-vous?
If there was a zombie attack, where would you go?

-surnaturel (adj)

-provisions (n) fem
food supply

-mort-vivant (n) masc
walking dead

-Quel est votre film de zombies préféré?
What’s your favorite zombie movie?

-imagination (n) fem

-culture populaire fem
pop culture

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-eau fraîche fem
fresh water

-cadavre (n) masc

-horrible (adj)

-cacher (v)

-cimetière (n) masc

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