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New! Go from your 1st French phrase to knowing 700 with the French PhrasePower iBook

Hello Listener,

Remember your first French phrase?

Was it “Hello, how are you,” “My name is….” or maybe “I have no idea what I’m saying?”

Every French learner starts out with simple phrases and questions. That’s because learning phrases is easy. They’re exactly what get you speaking, understanding, and improving your French in the first place. Not just random, unusable words.

So as a French Beginner, having a powerful French phrasebook is the easiest way to speak more French. And with our brand new iBook, you master over 700 phrases.

Master 700+ essential French phrases with the NEW Learn French: PhrasePower iBook for the iPad. This is the perfect first step for Beginners and Travelers that want to learn and speak a boatload of French quickly without focusing on grammar.

Click here to preview Learn French: PhrasePower on iTunes.

Learn French PhrasePower

Need to introduce yourself? Make some small talk in French? Or just ask someone to take your photo? This $9.99 iBook is absolutely JAM PACKED with all the phrases you’ll need for social situations, basic conversations, getting around France, shopping, and much more.

Load up this iBook on your iPad and swipe through 4-Beginner Level Chapters. Not only you learn the essential phrases, words, and questions, you learn how to use them in conversation too. French phrases come with audio samples, matching illustrations, and easy to follow sentence patterns.

Here’s What’s Inside Learn French PhrasePower iBook:
– 4 Beginner-level chapters (Essentials, Asking Questions, First Encounters, Social Situations)
– In-depth vocabulary Reference section
– 700+ essential French words and phrases
– Native audio samples for every word and phrase
– Easy to follow conversation layout
– Clear English and French transcription for learners of all levels

Here are some screenshots! (click here to see more on iTunes)

Learn French PhrasePower!

Learn French PhrasePower!

Learn French PhrasePower!

Learn French PhrasePower!

So, whether you’re a French beginner or a traveler and need to learn French quickly, without the headaches of grammar, you get the essential phrases with PhrasePower. Master 700+ essential French phrases with the NEW Learn French: PhrasePower iBook.

iBooks Hint: Be sure to sample this iBook for free on iTunes by clicking “Get Sample.”

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To your French fluency,
Team FrenchPod101