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10 Days of Epic French Holiday Deals Start December 10th

Hello Listener,

While people were out getting TVs and DVDs…
Our listeners were getting better, faster, stronger in French instead.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday were prime time for language learning..

But if you missed out on Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals at FrenchPod101, then good news! The holiday season is fast approaching which means two things: one, wear a sweater and two…

The FrenchPod101 Holiday Countdown Begins December 10th.

Serious about mastering French in 2013? Join the Holiday Countdown as we count down the holiday season with 10 days of the 10 BIGGEST deals on French Apps, Audiobooks, Software Subscriptions, and much much more. How big? Try 53% OFF Premium! 55% OFF Basic! 50% OFF Apps and more!

Starting December 10th until December 23rd – not including the weekend – the 24 hour daily deals begin. At midnight one expires and a new one takes its place! But the catch is… you won’t know what the next deal is until it arrives.

So… do you take it?
Do you wait for a better French deal?
What if you miss one?
What if Santa just decides to fly past your house altogether?

No worries! There’s something better coming up. From subscriptions on the fast, fun, and easy French lessons to mobile apps and audiobooks, you have 10 days to get in on the biggest deals of the year and start mastering French!

Act fast! Deals this big come around only once and last for 24 hours each.

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