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Conquer French with Collins French Dictionary and Grammar for Mac

Hello Listeners!

Have you ever attempted driving into a traffic jam? Fairly splitting a dinner bill with a group of people? Logging into Facebook? All are popular and guaranteed ways of getting stuck and going nowhere.

Unfortunately French is no different. But before you admit shameful defeat and go on Facebook to express your anguish in a status, there’s something that will get you through!

One of the most trusted French dictionaries is now on the Mac.

Together with famous publisher HarperCollins, we’ve brought you the Collins Unabridged English Dictionary and Collins Thesaurus of the English Language. This time, it’s the Collins French Dictionary and Grammar.

This is the first and last French dictionary you’ll ever need. If you’re feeling stuck, building up your vocabulary base will boost your French from basic to advanced. The Collins French Dictionary and Grammar is the definitive French-English Dictionary for the Mac.

With the Collins French Dictionary and Grammar, you can:
-95,000 references and 136,000 translations covering a wide range of contemporary French and English
-quickly browse alphabetically using the convenient letter tabs along the top of the app.
-search begins as soon as you start typing in the search field, so you get results almost immediately.
-handy navigation buttons let you go back and forth through screens you previously visited. If you’ve ever used a web browser, you’ll feel right at home.
-automatically saves words you expand to your history, saving you the time and trouble of having to repeat searches or browsing.
-easily star words to bookmark them for quick access later in one convenient place
-step-by-step “Collins Help” guide for using the app and developer contact info under the Help Menu
-switch between French-English and English-French


Best of all, it’s clean and streamlined for elegance, simplicity, and speed. Perfect for learners and native speakers of French – whether going from English to French, or French to English!

What’s the lesson? Get a calculator, avoid traffic, log out of Facebook, and get ahead in French with the Collins French Dictionary and Grammar for the Mac.

Click here to purchase the Collins French Dictionary and Grammar App for Mac!