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Twitter Mini-Lesson Recap!

In this series of mini-lesson tweets on Twitter, we help you perfect your media-related vocabulary in order to beat French people at conversing about the news.  Here is the recap of this week’s phrases for your reference:

If you’re reading a trashy French magazine, then you’re reading “un torchon”, which is also the word for “a dish cloth”.

 You want to say you know what is going on throughout the world? Then say “Je suis au courant”, “I am current with the news”.

When TV disappoints us, “Mon émission préférée ne passe plus.”, “My favorite TV show is not on anymore.”

An easy one : “un site internet” is “a website”…”Ce site internet est incontournable.”, “This website is a must see.”

Hey couch potatoes! A word for you: “zapper”, to surf the channels. “Je zappe toute la journée.”, “I surf the channels all day long.”

“Un éditorial” gives you the paper’s opinion. “L’éditorial est sévère avec le président.”, “The editorial is tough on the president.”

Just so you know, the French for “buzz” is also “un buzz”. “Le discours de Barack Obama a fait un buzz en France.”

 Any questions? Feel free to ask in the comment section!

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