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French Culture – Assumption of Mary/Assomption

The Roman Catholic faith recognizes the Assumption of Mary as their customary belief that the Virgin Mary was taken up to heaven physically after her death. It is believed that Mary’s body and soul underwent a unification process and was then transported into the heavens.

The Assumption of Mary became a day of feasting in celebration of the return of Mary to the heavenly realm. For those who celebrate this festival on August 15th of each year, it is a holy day of their obligations to their faith.

The Roman Catholic and Christian Orthodox believe that Jesus’ promise that he would go away and prepare a place for his disciples and come back again to receive them into glory, was also referring to Mary’s entrance into the heavens. There are others that don’t believe this dogma and feel that Christ was only referring to his death and resurrection through the cross.

The word Assumption in the Latin language means “taken up,” and was adopted into the Roman Catholic faith in the fifth century as part of the pledge made by Jesus to fulfill the heavenly ascension of Mary.

The Assumption of Mary became an established tradition and teaching in the church even throughout the seventh century. It continues to be a theological controversy of historical propensity and the church has not totally embraced its teaching.

There are still questions today if Mary died before her Assumption or if she was assumed before her death. The Roman Catholic allow both of these beliefs to be considered. The Assumption of Mary is believed to be a gift from God to believers that Mary was the “Mother of God.”

There are those who believe that Mary finished her life as an example to the human race and made an impact on people who truly believe in God and the role that Christ played when he was on earth.

The Assumption of Mary is considered to be Mary’s heavenly birthday celebrated by many Catholics every year on August 15th. Her assumption symbolizes the fact that all Christians who endured until the end would experience the same fate as Mary did – ascending to heaven.