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Lesson Transcript

Welcome back, watchers! This week we are going to learn about 20 must-know family words. Here we go!
1. mère "mother"
"My mother is tall." Ma mère est grande.
Like, really tall.
2. père "father"
"My father can cook really well." Mon père peut cuisiner très bien.
The best!
3. soeur "sister"
"I don't have a sister." Je n'ai pas de soeur.
4. frère "brother"
"You are like a brother to me." Tu es comme un frère pour moi.
5. petite soeur "younger sister"
Ma petite soeur vient de naître. "My younger sister was just born."
She’s so tiny!
6. grand frère "older brother"
"My older brother helped me build a treehouse." Mon grand frère m'a aidée à construire une cabine.
Cabine is kind of a treehouse, or any kind of wooden tiny house, even if it's on the floor.
7. cousine "cousin"
"My cousin is still in school." Ma cousine est encore à l'école.
Cousine is the feminine and cousin will be the masculine one.
8. oncle "uncle"
"My uncle repairs cars." Mon oncle répare des voitures.
And also built some.
9. tante "aunt"
"My aunt's cooking is really good." La cuisine de ma tante est délicieuse.
10. grand-mère "grandmother"
"My grandmother is baking cookies." Ma grand-mère est en train de cuire des cookies.
Yummy, hot, warm cookies from grandma!
11. grand-père "grandfather"
Mon grand-père avait l'habitude de fabriquer des radios. "My grandfather used to build radios."
12. partenaire "partner"
"Let me introduce you to my partner." Laissez-moi vous présenter mon partenaire.
13. épouse "wife"
"I met my wife 20 years ago." J'ai rencontré ma femme il y a 20 ans.
And since then we always have a beautiful love.
14. mari "husband"
"My husband brought me chocolate." Mon mari m'a amené du chocolat.
He's the best, isn't he?
15. fils "son"
"Like father and son." Comme père et fils.
We are family!
16. fille "daughter"
"My daughter is in university." Ma fille est à l'université.
17. nièce "niece"
Ma nièce est la fille de ma soeur. "My niece is the daughter of my sister."
18. neveu "nephew"
"My nephew likes to play football." Mon neveu aime jouer au foot.
19. belle-mère "mother-in-law"
"My mother-in-law is really sweet." Ma belle-mère est très gentille.
Yes, I'm lucky like this.
20. beau-père "father-in-law"
"My father-in-law fixes planes. That's a real job." Mon beau-père répare des avions. C'est un vrai travail.
And it's the end! So leave me a comment about the family member you have the most fun with in the comments, and don't forget to check FrenchPod101.com for more French learning! You guys are also my family! See you!