Meet the Team

Team Members

Virginie Maries Virginie Maries Virginie is a French native speaker and a certified teacher of French as a Foreign language. She grew up in Southern France and lived in Paris for a few years. She is thrilled to be on board with! She has been teaching French for a few years, in several places including Slovakia (it was cold) and the United States.

A message from Virginie: “Hi Everyone! Who said learning French was hard? You will be amazed of how fast you will improve. I look forward to hearing from you on our forum, don’t hesitate to contact us, that’s what we are here for!”

Eric Lynch Eric Lynch Eric is currently a doctoral student in French literature and a college French instructor. Originally from the New York area, he has spent time in France working and studying in both Paris and Tours. Eric’s other French interests include music from the French-speaking world, especially Mali, and French cinema. He is currently beginning to learn German as well.
Sam Gordon Sam Gordon Sam is a native of Delaware, New York. He studies French for over 15 years, and holds a Bachelor of Arts in French, as well as a Minor in French, from Western Maryland College (McDaniel College) - Foreign Languages Department, French Studies. In addition to these languages, Sam is also profecient in French, and has been teaching for over 5 years. When he is not in the studio, Sam enjoys sports and traveling.

Message from Sam: “Hello everyone, I think this is going to be a fun journey into the world of French Language and French Culture.”

Jason Ross Jason Ross Vancouver born and raised, Jason graduated from the British Columbia Institute of Technology as an automotive specialist then seized an opportunity to live in the French Alps. He lived there for 8 years, learning French while working long hours and enjoying snow sports in his free time. After years of study, he eventually took the DALF (Diplôme approfondi de langue française) French proficiency test, passing C1, one of the very highest levels. After that, he moved to Japan, where he is now studying Japanese with the goal of passing Level 2 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. Learning about new languages and cultures is an ongoing passion of Jason’s, and he enjoys helping others do the same.
Jason Ross Mailys Robin Mailys was born in Draguignan, France. She has lived in many different cities including Lille, Troyes, Nantes and Paris in France, and also Djibouti and Tokyo. She majored in Telecommunications Engineering at the Grenoble Institute of Technology, and also studied for one year at Tohoku University in Japan. She is currently teaching French to Japanese students. She is very glad to be working with the team, and hopes that the listeners will enjoy her work as well.
Greg Tulchin Greg Tulchin Greg Tulchin was raised in Tokyo by a French-speaking mother and is now trying his best to do both origins justice. He enjoys helping old men off the pavement in front of closed train stations and taking walks. He plans to graduate from university after studying Japanese history so that he can be a contributing member of society. In the meantime, he will be very happy to do anything he can to contribute to This includes fixing your computer!
Jeremy Touitou Jeremy Touitou Jeremy was born in France. Speaking French, English and a little bit of Japanese, he is now teaching French as a private teacher in Tokyo. Before coming to Japan, he travelled and lived in different parts of Australia for a year and a half. He likes Japan and also loves travelling and making music in his free time.
Christophe Vuong-Hong Christophe Vuong-Hong Christophe was born in Porto Vecchio in Corsica. He is a graduate student of modern letters in French and French-spoken literature. He adores the books and was a bookseller. In addition, Christophe adores teaching French to young children because for him French is one of the most beautiful languages in the world. When he is not in the studio, Christophe enjoys sports like tennis, football (soccer), golf and many others.
angele krauth Angele Krauth Angèle is a French native from Strasbourg, Alsace in France. She has studied German, English,and French and is fluent in the last two. She has worked in the travel industry for a few years, until she turned to teaching. She has taught both English and French for 7 years in a traditional classroom environment and also teaches online to Mexican, French, Korean and American students. She holds a Diploma in tourism and a TESL certificate. When she is not writing, Angèle enjoys training and riding her horse, cooking, gardening and discovering remote parts of her adoptive country Mexico.

Message from Angèle: “Bonjour à tous! I greatly enjoy to hand you my native language in my best ability and share the French culture I am rediscovering through foreign eyes with!”

Melanie Bellenger-Jouanne Mélanie Bellenger-Jouanne Mélanie was born in Toulouse, France and has lived in many areas in France, including Rouen and Paris. She speaks French, English, Italian, Japanese, and has a passion for history, books, music and arts. She attended Université Toulouse 2 and Université de Rouen and majored in Historical and Library research. Mélanie has travelled and lived in the UK, Germany, Belgium and Japan.

Gabriella White Gabriella White Gabriella is a linguist and multilingual broadcaster from the UK. Born to English-Dutch parents, Gabriella has a BA (Honors) degree in Linguistics, French, German and History of Art from the University of Durham. An accredited international journalist, Gabriella has worked with the BBC and is published in international newspapers and magazines including the Tokyo Daily. Gabriella is now learning her fifth language, Japanese, in Tokyo.
Yasmine Morel Yasmine Morel Born in St. Germain-en-Laye in France, Yasmine speaks French and German as she is half French and half German. She’s interested in traveling and spending time with friends. She studied English, Japanese, and social sciences at Stendhal University in Grenoble, France, and has taught both French and German abroad. After graduation, she moved to Tokyo.
Lya Lya Lya has had a great interest in languages since she was little. French is her native language, and she is fluent in Spanish and English. She’s currently learning Japanese and Korean. She likes to eat, draw, and do martial arts. At Innovative Language, she does animation and illustration and works as a video host for
Marie Alice Marie Alice Marie was born in Lyon, in east-central France. She graduated from EFAP, a communication and marketing school in France. She lived in Tokyo for one year after being hired by a Canadian company there, and is currently working at a communications company in France. She’s passionate about vegan food and coming up with new vegan recipes.
Candice Rihouet Candice Rihouet Candice was born near Paris, and graduated with a BTEC Higher National Diploma as a radio host from the Studio Ecole de France in 2012.
After that, Candice worked as a journalist for an online TV portal named Mondissimo. In September 2015, she decided to go to Japan with a Working Holiday Visa to study Japanese and travel around the country. She hopes to teach French as a freelancer and to help anyone who wants to learn her language.
Marion Bilger Marion Bilger Marion Bilger was born in Pontarlier, a small town in the east of France. She speaks not only French, but also English, Spanish, Japanese, and Korean. She loves learning new things and helping others learn too. For that reason, she decided to study to become a French teacher while working as a freelance French translator. She currently lives in Japan and hopes to travel the world some more before settling down somewhere and hopefully becoming a full-time French teacher.
Yafa Mouadhen Yafa Mouadhen Yafa Mouadhen is an independent filmmaker. Yafa was born in Tunisia, and she is currently studying for Japanese Cinema at Tsukuba University. After working as an English teacher in Tsukuba International school, she worked as a teaching assistant at Tsukuba University. She also taught French and English to Japanese students. Recently, she has started working an editorial assistant for Gutenberg Orchestra, discovering the new word of editions and fashion photography. She is passionate about the arts, and is dreaming of starting her own production company one day.
Aurore Aurore Aurore is a Frenchwoman living in Tokyo, Japan for a few years. She graduated with degrees in biology (bachelor’s degree), in sociology-anthropology (bachelor’s degree) and in business and management for Asia with a speciality in Japan and China (master’s degree). She grew up in Northern France in Lille and lived in Paris for 1 year. She can speak French, Carribean Creole, English, and Japanese. She loves traveling, so she’s been to England, Belgium, Germany, Poland, the French West Indies, and Japan. She is so happy to be on board with!
Pierre Hochet Pierre Hochet Born in France, Pierre studied science and linguistics in France and then in Japan which makes him now able to speak French, English, Japanese, and German. Pierre thinks teaching is something fundamental, that’s why he has joined He likes to create his own original content. Apart from that, Pierre is always thinking about scripts, novels, and ideas. When he is not writing, he is editing and making some short-movies!
Cyril Danon Cyril Danon Born and bred in the flat rainy plains of Arras, in the north of France, Cyril has been bouncing off various studies and career paths, from video game design to IT and language teaching. But when he eventually grew tired of office work, he decided that the world was too big to be left unexplored and took off with nothing but his wanderlust.
Now, after backpacking for the last 6 years around Europe, all over Asia and throughout South America, working in and there on the way, he’s fluent in English and eagerly learning Spanish and Russian while sharing his passion for languages.
Grégory Fleurot Grégory Fleurot Born near Paris, Grégory has a true passion for the French language and has been teaching it in China and Japan for more than ten years. His other passions include traveling (in Japan and Taiwan), wine (especially Champagne), and, of course, language studies. He has been living in Tokyo since 2013.