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Hi, watchers! Today we're going to learn to respond to the question “how are you?” So if anyone is asking you “how you're doing” or “how are you,” here are some answers you can give them. Let's start! First one is…
1. Je vais bien. "I'm fine."
"How are you?” in French is Comment vas-tu?
Comment vas-tu? Je vais bien.
So "How are you?” “Oh, I’m fine."
2. J'ai sommeil. "I'm sleepy."
So How are you today? I’m sleepy.
J'ai trop travaillé hier et maintenant j'ai sommeil. "I worked too hard yesterday and now I'm sleepy."
3. Je suis fatigué(e). "I'm tired."
Je n'ai pas beaucoup dormi hier soir et maintenant je suis fatiguée. "I didn't sleep well last night and now I'm tired."
4. Je pète la forme. "I'm great."
This is literally, means “I break the shape,” it’s when you are super great and super strong shape, and feeling amazing. Oh yeah!
Comment ça va? Ca va super!
"How are you doing?” “I’m great!” or “I’m doing awesome!"
5. Je me sens mal. "I'm feeling bad."
So for example, when you ate something bad and you say I ate something weird and now I'm feeling bad.
J'ai mangé quelque chose de mauvais et maintenant je me sens mal.
When you're feeling dizzy it also works.
6. Ca va pas mal. "I'm not bad."
It's when you are doing so-so. Like “how are you?” Ca va pas mal, it means I'm not doing well but i'm not doing too bad so… meh.
7. Et vous? / Et toi? "And you?"
So if you want to be more casual with someone you can ask Et toi? “And you?”
So comment ça va? Ca va bien, et toi?
"How are you doing? I'm fine, and you?"
8. Merci d'avoir demandé. "Thank you for asking."
So comment ça va? Ca va pas mal, merci d'avoir demandé.
"How are you doing?” “It's not bad, thank you for asking."
It's a polite way to end the conversation, maybe, instead of going “how you doing?”
“Fine, and you?” “Fine, and you?” “Fine, and you?”
9. Comment allez-vous ces derniers temps? "How have you been doing recently?"
This is also quite formal you can hear a lot of old people asking this way.
So comment allez-vous ces derniers temps? "How have you been doing recently?"
10. Je suis triste. "I'm feeling sad."
Mon chat vient de mourir et je me sens triste. "My cat just died and now I'm feeling sad."
And then you get a good pat at the back and you can ask for cake, that would be nice. I'd like to ask for cake when I'm said, chocolate ones. I like chocolate.
So that's it for this week, watchers. So tell me how are you feeling in the comments, and don't forget to check FrenchPod101 for more lessons, and we'll see you next time. Bye bye!


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Thursday at 06:30 PM
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Which phrase do you like the most?

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Wednesday at 01:52 AM
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Bonjour Shaza,

In most cases, you'd use the verb "être" to talk about feelings/states, like in "Je suis triste", "Je suis en colère", etc.

Some expressions do use the verb "avoir" to express the idea that you "have" a feeling, though. Like in "J'ai sommeil" (I'm sleepy) or "J'ai le coeur brisé" (My heart's broken). This is fairly rare, and considering avoir is only found in very particular expressions, I would recommend you stick with "être" most of the time.

Bonne journée,


Team FrenchPod101

Saturday at 06:00 AM
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I have a question regarding the verb avoir and etre, when should i use them when expressing feelings? as it was mentioned in the examples above j'ai sommeil and je suis fatigue. Is there a specific rule to follow?


FrenchPod101.com Verified
Monday at 08:44 PM
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Bonjour Simranjeet,

Because "Je suis sommeil" would be wrong. In English you'd say "I'm sleepy", it's true, but each language works differently so try to avoid learning with comparisons. It's the same as if you were asking why we say "J'ai 20 ans" instead of "Je suis 20 ans". It's just the way the language works.

Bonne journée,


Team FrenchPod101

Sunday at 08:23 PM
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J'ai sommeil and Je suis fatiguee. Why haven't we used Je suis sommeil?


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Friday at 11:30 PM
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Bonjour Olivia,

Merci pour ton commentaire ! On dirait que tu as bien compris comment ça marche. 😄

Bonne journée,


Team FrenchPod101

Wednesday at 08:39 AM
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Bonjour Lya! Je m’appelle Olivia.

Ça va super! Merci d’avoir demandé!😄

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Monday at 03:53 AM
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Bonjour Alex !

Oh, bien sûr, je comprends... c'est vraiment difficile ! 😞

We are very happy though that you are so enthusiastic to learn French! Keep up the good work and let us know if you have any questions. 😉

A bientôt,


Team FrenchPod101.com

Thursday at 03:26 AM
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Je suis tres fatique parce que j'etudie l'architecture et c'est tres difficile.

I'm really enjoying the program so far, thanks for the lesson.

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Sunday at 12:35 AM
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Bonjour Meg !

Merci beaucoup pour votre message ! We are very happy to hear your positive feedback! 😉 If you ever have any questions, please let us know!

Kind regards,


Team FrenchPod101.com

Meg Plunkett
Monday at 11:45 AM
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I'm pretty new at Frenchpod101 but I must say--- and very pleased with the program--but I especially "adore' having Lya for the teacher.