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Lesson Transcript

Lya: So welcome back to weekly French words and let’s discover together theme of this week. Its rooms in your house. My house only got one room. Thank you,
1. cuisine
Cuisine, kitchen. Now I don’t have that either.
You cook meals in the kitchen. On prépare les repas dans la cuisine.
2. placard
So closet, placard.
I put my clothes in the closet. Je mets mes vêtement s dans mon placard. Which is false.
3. salle de séjour
Salle de séjour. Living room.
And if you want to be more simple and more French specific and use every day word, you can say just salon.
There is a big sofa in my living room. Il y a un grand sofa dans mon salon.
4. toilettes
Toilettes, bathroom.
I need to go to the bathroom. J'ai besoin d'aller au toilettes.
Next, quick.
5. chambre
Chambre, bedroom.
I want a big bedroom. Je voudrais une grande chambre. Which has a big bed, aver une grande lit.
Next one is the end. Let’s see you next week for more French words and if you want to get this week’s list, go to the website and if you want to say anything, just leave a comment below. So thank you for watching and see you next week.


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Which word do you like the most?

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Bonjour Careyotani et Rossi,

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very basic and short for intermediate. thought videos would have some action rather than a girl reading from a script.

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hello!thanks of your French pod 101

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