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Lesson Transcript

Lya: Welcome back to French weekly words used in this week. Let’s discover together, it’s Home tools. First one is:
1. boîte à outils
Boîte à outils is toolbox.
Je mets mes outils dans ma boîte à outils. I put my tools in my toolbox.
2. marteau
Next, marteau, hammer.
The hammer is in the toolbox. Le marteau est dans la boîte à outils.
Hammer is marteau. You can say this for someone crazy in the head, il y marteau.
I put a nail in the wall with the hammer. J'ai mis un clou dans le mur à l'aide du marteau. next one is
3. mètre ruban
Mètre ruban, tape measure. Usually you measure children with tape measure.
To measure your heights with tape measure, Mesurer sa taille avec un mètre ruban.
To take measure with tape measure, Prendre des mesures avec un mètre ruban.
4. tournevis
Tournevis, screwdriver.
And to screw stuff with a screwdriver. Visser des choses avec un tournevis.
You can’t do anything else with tournevis. Next is
5. vis
Vis, a screw.
To screw a screw with screwdriver. Visser une vis avec un tournevis.
You got that. Next, no not next, next sample sentence.
I got a box of screws.J'ai une boîte de vis.
So leave a comment about what tool do you have and what do you use it for? Do you actually use it to build stuff or for other purposes that they are not meant for, like opening drawers with screwdrivers. And I see you next week for more French words because we love them. Bye.