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Lesson Transcript

Lya: So hey watchers and welcome back to French weekly words, still in France. today’s weekly words. Hobbies, so hobbies, that’s a nice one.
1. dessiner
Dessiner is to draw. That’s my job.
Children like to draw. Les enfants aiment dessiner. And I do as well. I draw my little pony, no let’s not go there.
2. surfer sur le net
Surfer sur le net, which is to surf on the net. Come on, that’s not the hobby but shouldn’t it be a hobby? It should be like for work and stuff instead of doing your Facebook all the time except if you are going to see the French lesson with me. In this case, it’s okay to surf on the web.
To relax, I surf on the net. Pour me relaxer, je surfe sur le net .
Yeah who am I lying to, everyone does it all the day.
3. jouer aux échecs
Jouer aux échecs is play chess. Chess is too complicated for me. *shiny*
I played chess with my friends. J'ai joué aux échecs avec mes amis.
There are sometimes chess competition around here as well.
4. jouer au poker
Jouer au poker, to play poker.
I played poker and lost everything including my house. J'ai joué au poker et j'ai tout perdu, même ma maison. Bad. Playing is addictive, so be careful.
5. Next one is: danser
Oh I shouldn’t do this. Right, I take dance lesson. Je prends des leçons de danse.
The end. So see you next week for more French words and don’t forget to check the word list for free and the website and leave me comment about your hobbies because I do read your comments and I’d like to know what you do. So tell me what you do in the free time and try to write the sentence in French, right. So see you next week, bye.