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Lesson Transcript

Lya: Hey let’s have the fancy watch, I love it. I love my watch. It’s not the right time though. Welcome back to French weekly words. This week will be about clothing accessories.
1. ceinture
Belt, ceinture . I don’t have my belt either.
Belts are made to hold your pants. Les ceintures c'est fait pour tenir les pantalons.
To be a black belt in karate. Avoir une ceinture noire en karaté.
This is not really clothing front but it also works. *Pa* That’s like two black belts.
2. Next one is: écharpe
Scarf, écharpe. It will be like uhhh fancy scarf.
To wear a scarf in the winter. Port er une écharpe en hiver. cold.
3. Next one is: gants
Gants, gloves. I do have everything today, nice, gloves. To protect your hands in winter because it’s so cold. Ah, so cold in here.
Warm gloves, Des gants chauds.
Or maybe ski gloves if you are skiing. Des gants de ski. which are a bit different.
Silk glove, des gants en soie. to be wearing a fancy dress at your fancy dinner party. Next one, swiping those floor with gloves. Usually I have seven of them but not today.
4. boucles d'oreilles
Boucles d'oreilles, earrings *duh*
I have seven earrings. J'ai 7 boucles d'oreilles.
Expensive earrings. Des boucles d'oreilles chères.
5. lunettes de soleil
Lunettes de soleil, sunglasses. Hey we have those somewhere, maybe. Sunny here because of all the lights.
Sunglasses to protect you from the sun. Des lunettes de soleil pour se protéger du soleil.
And it’s the end. So I’m gonna be so hot. So can you name all the clothing accessory of today. So leave a comment below. Don’t forget to check the word list and we will see you next week for more French words. Be fancy guys, bye. Stop it now.