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Lesson Transcript

Lya: Welcome back for French weekly words and this week’s theme is tableware. So the thing you have on the table, Fancy.
1. First one is: assiette
Assiette, it’s a plate.
Finish your plate. Finis ton assiette! Which is a good thing to do, don’t waste the food.
Wash the plates. Laver les assiettes. Yeah.
2. tasse
Tasse, a cup.
A cup of coffee. Une tasse de café.
Or, I just broke a cup. Je viens de casser une tasse. No! Next one.
3. Next: théière
Théière, teapot.
I like that one in English. It sounds funny, teapot.
Let’s do the teapot. Faire la théière. It’s not even the French expression but you can just do it for fun, like this like a flamingo, doing the teapot. Faire la théière.
Pour tea with a teapot. Verser du thé avec une théière.
4. verre à vin
Verre à vin, wine glass.
To break a wine glass. Casser un verre à vin. We are just breaking all the cutlery today.
5. verre
Verre, drinking glass. It has the same pronunciation as worm. Don’t get them confused. Not that one, that one.
I broke a drinking glass. J'ai cassé un verre. I just break everything.
It’s the end. So thank you for watching and check the word list on the website, leave a comment about your favorite category and I see you next week for more French weekly words. Thank you and bye.