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Lesson Transcript

Lya: Welcome back to French weekly words and let’s start with today’s theme which will be Furniture, les meubles.
1. First furniture is: canapé
Canapé is sofa. We also say sofa in French actually.
Have a nap on the sofa. Faire une siest e sur le canapé. You like that nap.
Watch TV on the sofa. Regarder la télé sur le canapé.
2. Next: chaise
Chaise, a chair, my fancy chair.
I am sitting on the chair. So, Êt re assis(e) sur une chaise.
It was so funny, I fell off my chair. C'était tellement marrant , je suis t ombé(e) de ma chaise.
3. Next: commode
Commode is a dresser, with drawers, and it’s big.
Having your clothes in the dresser. Avoir ses vêtements dans la commode.
Commode is also French word for convenient. So something commode is something convenient. Oh, then a dresser is convenient. Une commode est commode.
4. Next one is: lit
Lit, bed.
Being alone in your bed, or lying in bed alone. S'allonger dans son lit , seul(e).
I like being in bed. J'aime êt re au lit.
Or, I like sleeping in bed. J'aime dormir dans mon lit.
This is best part of the day.
5. Next one is: bureau
Bureau, desk.
Computer is in my desk. L'ordinateur est sur mon bureau.
And bureau is also French word for office, bureau.
You have desks in offices. Vous avez des bureaux dans les bureaux.
Next one is the end. So it’s the end for this week. Don’t forget to get the list and leave a comment about what kind of furniture do you have in your room. I only have a bed for myself, and a desk. See you next week and bye.