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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone. I am Lindsay from frenchpod101.com
In this video, we’d be talking about the Top 10 Must-Know Phrases for the Restaurant. Let’s begin. Oh my gosh! Again food. I am so hungry.
1. Une table pour trois, s'il vous plaît. “A table for three, please.”
Actually, I used that a lot when I was in Italy which was - un tavolo per tre, per favore..? Anyways, you can use this phrase when making a reservation. You can change the number depending on how many people are with you.
For example, to reserve a table for two, you can say, une table pour deux, s'il vous plait.
Une table pour un, for a table just for one, you will say - une table pour un.
2. Le menu s'il vous plaît. “The menu, please.”
Use this when you can see the menu on the table or the waiter forgot to bring one. This happens a lot.
3. J'aimerais ceci, s'il vous plaît. “I'd like this dish, please.”
You can say this while indicating on the menu. It may come in handy if you are not sure how to pronounce a dish name. Yeah, I use that a lot myself, especially for Japanese food.
4. Sans oignons s'il vous plaît. “Without onions, please.”
If you don’t like something, you should memorize this. You can refer to anything else by substituting oignons with a different noun.
For example, if you want to order a beverage "without ice", you can say - Sans glaçon s'il vous plaît.
Sans tomates, “without tomatoes”. Sans tomates.
5. Pourriez-vous m'apporter du sel? “Can you please bring me the salt?”
You know, American people love salt. I don’t know why because I don’t. You can use this phrase to ask for seasonings such as salt or pepper or missing tableware.
6. Excusez-moi! “Excuse me!”
Use this to call the waiter’s attention. Excusez-moi! While trying to make eye contact. Sometimes they might ignore you, unfortunately.
7. Où sont les toilettes? “Where is the bathroom?”
This may turn useful in any situation, not only when you are at a restaurant.
For example, if you are in the street and ask - Où puis-je utiliser des toilettes? “where can I use restrooms (or bathroom)?”
8. Qu'est-ce ce plat contient? “What does this dish have in it?”
If you have allergies, you have to learn this question to make sure you can fully enjoy your meal. You know, sometimes at a restaurant, they ask you if you have any allergies but sometimes they don’t. So please make sure to ask.
9. Est-ce que c'est possible de payer séparément? “Is it possible to pay separately?”
You can ask this question when paying the bill and if you want to split the amount.
For example, when you go out with your friends, you can ask for a separate bill, right? Donc, l'addition séparée.
10. L'addition s'il vous plaît. “The bill, please.”
When you are ready to leave the restaurant, use this phrase to ask for the bill. It’s common to pay at the table and though you are not expected to give a tip, it is always a kind gesture to leave some loose change. Yeah, in America, you are expected to do so. In France, not really but you can give like one or two euros you know.