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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone, I am Lindsay from frenchpod101.com
In this video, we’d be talking about the Top 15 Must-Know Phrases to Go Shopping. Let’s begin.
1. C'est combien? “How much is it?”
You can simply point at something and say, c'est combien? Yeah, I ask that a lot.
2. Vous l'avez dans une autre couleur? “Do you have it in another color?”
You can ask this when shopping for anything that is available in different colors.
3. Vous l'avez en taille M? “Do you have it in medium?”
This is a useful phrase when shopping for clothes or anything that has sizes. Because I wear S or XS, I would say, vous l'avez en S or XS?
4. J'en veux deux. “I want two of these.”
It is pretty simple. You just want to say - J'en veux, plus thee amount you desire.
For example, if you want three, you just say - J'en veux trois.
5. Je peux le voir? “May I see it?”
You can also explicitly mention what you want to see.
For example, je peux voir le menu? Which means, “may I see the menu?”
Or, je peux voir ce crayon? “May I see this pen?”
6. Je peux l'essayer? “Can I try it on?”
This may come in handy in a clothing shop. Yeah, I usually ask to the cashier if I can try tops or dresses.
7. J'aime bien celui-là. “I like that one.”
Use this when you make up your mind for something and you want to buy it.
For example, you can say - J'aime bien ce jean. “I really like these jeans.”
8. Je n'aime pas cette couleur. “I don't like this color.”
This sentence works as a good excuse when you don’t want to buy something. I actually use it a lot.
If you want to be more general and say something like “I don’t like this” you can simply say - Je n’aime pas cela.
For example, Je n’aime pas ce top que vous me présentez. “I don’t like this top that you’re showing me.”
9. Je cherche... “I'm looking for...”
Use this when you need a help from a shop assistant. For example, you can say,
Je cherche un cadeau d’anniversaire. Which means, “I am looking for a birthday present.”
Usually from what I see in America, shopping assistants come to you directly and say, hey, do you need help finding anything? Sometimes a bit annoying.
10. Est-ce qu'il y a un miroir? “Is there a mirror?”
This is another way to explain what you’re looking for. You can substitute miroir with another noun.
For example - Est-ce qu'il y a des toilettes? “Are there any restrooms?”
11. Vous acceptez la carte de crédit? This means, “Do you take credit cards?”
Yeah, at some places, they just take cash. If you don’t have any cash, be sure to ask this question before purchasing any service or product. Yeah, a lot of people walk with their credit card in hands, not with cash. So be sure to ask.
12. C'est trop serré. “It's too tight.”
You can use another word instead of serré.
For example, c'est trop cher. “It’s too expensive.”
I use this sentence a lot. So hey, if you want to buy me something, I take it.
13. Où sont les cabines d'essayage? “Where are the dressing rooms?”
This is useful in a clothing shop but you may use it in a different situation by changing the last word.
For example, où sont les toilettes? Which means, “where is the bathroom?”
Je l'utilise beaucoup. "I use it a lot."
14. Vous fermez à quelle heure? “What time do you close?”
It’s important to check opening hours, or heures d'ouverture. Usually in France, shops are open Monday to Saturday from 9:00 in the morning until 8:00 in the evening. But in small towns, some shops maybe closed during lunchtime.
Ils être peut fermé également très tôt. It can be closed very early, as well.
15. Je voudrais retourner... “I would like to return...”
This is a key phrase when you want to return something you bought. Be sure to check the return policies.
For example, many shops require the receipts.
Je reviens quand je ne veux retourner les vêtements. “I’d return it when I want to return clothes.”
Okay. So that’s all for this lesson. Which idea do you like the most? Leave a comment letting us know. Don’t forget to like, subscribe and go to frenchpod101.com for more resources. We’ll see you next time.