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French Accents

Learning a second language can seem difficult at first, but when you are learning a language such as French, it’s not quite as hard as one might think. While there are some grammar rules and French pronunciation rules that you will have to learn, they are not as complicated as other languages, such as English. If you have the time and the dedication, you will be able to learn how to speak French and handle the French accents without too much trouble. You will have to put effort into your studies though.

You will be able to pronounce many of the words and French phrases that you come across phonetically, but some of them have a French accent that will help you to learn the correct pronunciation. If you are looking at words or phrases in a French dictionary, then you will often be able to see the French accents on the words that you are reading. They are going to act as guides to help you with pronouncing the French words and phrases.

Examples of letters and words using French accents.

é – étudiant (student)

ù – où (where)

ê – forêt (forest)

ï – Naïve (naive)

ç – Garçon (boy)

The accents tell the speaker or reader the way to pronounce the words, and not getting the accent right can bring an entirely different meaning to a conversation. While it can seem impossible to learn French phrases when you have to worry about the French accents, they quickly become second nature.

You may come across some writing that doesn’t have the accents, but you should always make sure that you utilize those accents in your own writing whenever you are using the French alphabet, as this will help prepare you better for using the language in real life. Those who don’t bother with writing the French accents are usually native speakers who have been using the language since they could speak. Most of the times when you are using a French dictionary they will include the accents and a pronunciation guide that can be quite helpful. In some instances, they may also have the phonetic spelling of the words that can be very beneficial to those who are trying to get a grasp of French vocabulary.

When you are able to start pronouncing French correctly, you will find that it can help to immerse you in the French culture more easily. Taking French lessons can help you learn the right way to pronounce words.