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Monday at 04:10 PM
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Thank you everyone for making this possible! Where are you listening from?

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Monday at 03:36 AM
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Hello Jane de Vries,

Thank you for such a nice comment ! :smile:

You can say : " J'aurais aimé connaître French Pod il y a quelques années !" En parler à ceux que je connais et qui ne le connaisse pas !"

Have a nice day,

Marie Alice

Team FrenchPod101.com

Jane de Vries
Wednesday at 12:34 PM
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Wish I had known about French pod years ago! Tell everyone i know and don't know about it! How long have you been around anyway/ Want to translate my praise into French? merci beaucoup.

Tuesday at 01:42 PM
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:razz:can't wait to learn french i do ballet so learning french would really help!

Friday at 02:46 AM
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Cocou ek,

Happy to hear you're back to the French language and culture! There are so many fun things to discover. I hope you'll enjoy every bit of it !

Salut et à tout à l'heure ou à demain....

Tuesday at 11:22 PM
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excellent website ! I'm so happy to get to know you, guys because I've just made up my mind to try French again...since I stopped studying French 25 years ago.

I think I can learn French quickly with most of fun in your website..

Thanks again.

Wednesday at 01:47 AM
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Yahooo! You're back!

I really like to read you again! True joy and excitement are felt!

You're doubtful? :???: Feel my pulse and positive energy! :razz:

It makes me feel that there are people out there not just virtual space.... Even though I know members are physically present somewhere on our planet earth! :smile:

Oh the DELF A1, great news! Let me know your impression about the test! I want to know, I want to know!

By the way, how long have you been listening to Celine, Sam and Alex? how about Sakura sensei, Peter, Natsuko sensei,Naomi sensei ?

Did you feel you made any listening progress? How did you noticed it?

I'm asking because when I was still a novice with my English the most dramatic experience I felt about my listening progress was after I was in the US for 3 months and immersed in English (no French spoken at all). I was listening to the radio and a super famous song came up which I couldn't understand the lyrics previous to my immersion stay. Suddenly it was clear as water I could understand everything while listenning to a familiar melody. It was a really bizarre sensation and very gratifying at the same time!

Anyone had such a dramatic experience about language learning?

Tuesday at 02:05 PM
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Hey i am back.

Guess what I am writing my DELF A1 coming Monday.

I was with Japanesepod101.com all these days as I am writing jlpt level 3 this December.Anyhow I am with languagepod101.com all the time, literally.I listen to your podcasts all the time, while cooking, eating, sleeping, bathing.......

I hear voices of Sam, Celine, Alex, Sakura sensei, Peter, Natsuko sensei,Naomi sensei all the time in my head.......hahahahaha....

Thanks a lot for your great lessons.I will be listening to french podcasts till next Monday and will be back with japanesepod101 till december 7.You guys give me a great listening practice.

I have lived in Canada and Japan for sometime.I guess that explains my interest in French and Japanese.

Wish me luck!

Keep up the great work!



Wednesday at 02:53 AM
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How can I not have chills (of joy) while reading your comment!

Thank you, thank you, thank you from all the Frenchpod101 team.

We love you too ! :wink:

My turn to let you know I was off for two weeks (my parents came to visit for 2 weeks) explaining my late reply.

Welcome again on Frenchpod101.

Thursday at 08:31 PM
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Also i stand corrected - "depuis" in the place of "il y a "

merci beaucoup!

Thursday at 05:59 PM
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Bonjour Angele,

Thank you for the reply and sorry for my delayed response.

Actually we, in India speak about 40 + languages and my mother tongue is Tamil and i speak Hindi too.

In my language 'bonjour' will be "vanakkam"

(with the 'na' sound pronounced with the tip of your tongue touching the soft palette).

Thanks for asking me to write something in my language.That was sweet of you.

I listen to your podcasts almost all the time, especially while cooking.

I have other french podcasts too.But i like Frenchpod101.com the most.I find it an interesting and fun way to learn French.You have got a great team there.You rock!