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Every month, you get free lessons, study tools and learning tips so you can learn the fast, fun and easy way. Here are your free French gifts for the month of February 2021. New updates. New, free lessons. And of course, the best deal of the month! This month, you're getting:

- The "Love Quotes" Cheat Sheet
- The "Slang Words & Phrases" PDF eBook
- Containers & PackagingFrench
- Must-know Valentine's Day VocabularyFrench
- Encouraging PhrasesFrench
- Free Audio Books
- Deal of the Month: New Year Challenge

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Salut Tawa,

Lesson PDFs are currently available on our website for our audio and video lessons. For these lessons, you can download PDFs by clicking on the 'Download PDFs' button below the title which is the third round-shaped button. In most cases, we have downloadable PDFs, available for our premium members, which include Lesson Notes and Lesson Transcript. However, there are certain lesson series (particularly the advanced audio series) which do not include Lesson Notes onpurpose, and we have some lessons where there might be additional PDF resources, such as ebooks, to be downloaded.

Please note that downloadable and printable PDFs are also not available for vocabulary lists. If you have a Free Lifetime Account, please have a look at our detailed Help Center page at: https://www.FrenchPod101.com/helpcenter to get an overview of what your account entails.

Hope this helps! Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

Bonne journée,


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I can't find The "Slang Words & Phrases" PDF eBook. :(