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Monday at 6:30 pm
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Many French speakers are multi-lingual. France shares borders with Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and Spain. There are French speakers throughout North Africa and Central Africa, throughout Canada, the Pacific and throughout the world. So many French speakers will answer "oui" to "Parlez-vous anglais?" but speak many other languages as well! Do you know any multi-lingual French speakers?

Sunday at 3:05 pm
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Mia, you have a point. However, many French people do add an "h" sound when there's vowel sound at the end, but he's exaggerating it making it sound more like German, than French. When people say oui, it often sounds like this "Weeh". I do often hear that "h" sound used by many French people. Of course, this isn't my site. Just commenting.

Saturday at 4:49 pm
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The pronunciation of the speaker is quite bad. He's adding H sound at the end of many words. It's not correct!

Monday at 1:28 am
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Bonjour Gloria !

Encore merci pour votre commentaire ! Vous êtes toujours active et de bonne volonté par ici ! :thumbsup:

L'homme dont vous parlez est impressionnant ! :open_mouth: Quelle classe il a !

Je vous dis à bientôt ! :wink:

Marie Alice

Team FrenchPod101.com

Tuesday at 2:02 pm
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Il y a un homme qui habite ici à San Felipe, Mexique et vient de Paris, France. Il parle le français, l'espagnol et l'anglais.

There is a man who lives here in San Felipe, Mexico and is from Paris, France. He speaks French, Spanish and English.

Hay un hombre que vive aquí en San Felipe, México y viene de Paris, Francia. Él habla francés, español e inglés.

Saturday at 5:05 am
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Je ne sais pas n'importe qui de France, mais j'ai des amis de Montréal, Canada. Ils parlent français et anglais suelement.

Tuesday at 9:17 pm
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Munia, thank you for pointing this out! This has been fixed ;)

Tuesday at 7:31 pm
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By the way, this lesson doesn't appear on iTunes (I'm suscribed to the public feed).

Tuesday at 2:42 am
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My teacher of French is bilingual. She speaks Spanish flawlessly! :shock:

Tuesday at 2:00 am
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I know some! Myself! :grin:

The majority of my French friends speak German and "l'alsacien" the dialect from the Alsace region. Other perfected their English while traveling in Great Britain, Australia or New Zealand or Spanish while being in Spain!

Wie getz? (the Alsacian dialect) to ask how are you. As you can notice it is very similar to German!

Que tal? Como esta amigo? I'm sure you'll be able to recognize the language and meaning!


Tuesday at 1:28 am
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Sorry for this problem! :oops:

The pdf link works now! :wink: