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Sunday at 06:30 PM
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Listeners, how do you use your iPad, iPhone or iPod to learn French? Leave a comment by 9/17 to win free apps! We’ll contact the winners when the contest closes! And remember, our all iPad apps are 50% off for a limited time!

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Wednesday at 03:35 PM
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This contest is now closed.

Congratulations to Tom (Absolute Beginner French for iPad), Sandhya (Beginner French for iPad), Mike (Word Power for iPhone) and Michelle (MyWords for iPhone)! We’ll be emailing you shortly on instructions on how to claim your apps!

Thanks to everyone for commenting and giving us feedback! We’ll be doing more giveaways in the future, so keep listening!

Aurora Jacobsen
Friday at 11:57 PM
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I listen to French radio, complete lessons on my iPhone - it's my immersion therapy! Thank you, Frenchpad!!

ferdinand roaquin
Friday at 09:51 PM
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I'm from the Philippines and had Spanish when I was in college. But somehow I never did like Spanish and given the chance, I wanted to learn French. I'm surprised that there are words in Spanish which are similar in French. These lessons are not only easy to understand but very entertaining. I tried it on my ipod touch and ever since I'm hooked up. I give 4 thumbs up out of five. Superb!

Friday at 07:15 PM
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I like the variety of lesson. I listen to them on my phone on the way to work and use flash cards app during lunch.

Friday at 04:08 PM
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I have an iPod touch and using the My Feed possibility I've downloaded all relevant lessons on my iPod.:razz: I listen to them when I'm working in the garden, doing the dishes, etc. I really enjoy them! I also have the video lessons on my iPod. I watch those just before going to sleep. I always hope that I will dream the words I just practiced (can't remember that I do though :wink:).

Besides this, I use the vocab part (flash cards) and my personal word bank for words I tend to forget. I also do the extra beta questions (which I must admit, do not add much to the other questions :sad:). I would love to do them (especially the flash cards) on my ipod but that's not possible :cry:

Perhaps I should try the iPad and those apps to see how those work...

Friday at 08:19 AM
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When I am not using my iPhone to talk to my parents in France I am on a bus, train or plane trying to show off to people my limited grasp on the French language. This has gotten less embarrassing thanks to Frenchpod! I can now do my lessons in glorious vision on the iPad screen and I don't look like such an idiot when I am talking to myself in french with an iPad in front of me. I am having a crack at Spanish too and need all the help I can get, I am looking forward to teaching my son French when he is old enough and would love to see what the new apps can do. Most likely my son will be speaking better French than me in no time.

What would be excellent is the ability to hold up big flashcards on the iPad and have them spoken as well. Look forward to seeing the new apps!

Friday at 01:59 AM
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I use my iPod while I run, walk, garden and clean the house, studying my french. And I like my iPad for watching pod casts.

Thursday at 11:40 PM
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Je n'ai pas un iPod, J'ai un "Blackberry". Qu'est-que le mot? un mûre? Mais ma fille a un iPod, est elle apprend Japonais avec japanesepod101.

Si je gagne le competition j'acheterais un iPod ou je devrais le lui donner!

Et aussi c'est difficile avec le jus de mûre dans mon oreille! :lol:

Wednesday at 10:25 PM
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I'm learning three languages: Italian, French & Spanish, one a day (Italian, French, Spanish, Italian, French, Spanish...).

The files are updated into iTunes about once a week, where I created a new playlist to all the 'Newbie' level lessons, in the three languages. Then it's uploaded into my iPod touch, which I use when working at my clients' sites or on the way. I then recap the lesson reading the notes. My routine is to hear two lessons a day.

Beside hearing the great podcasts, I'm using an OpenOffice's Calc document to organized vocabulary list of my three learning languages. Once a month those lists are copied to the great flash-cards application 'Teach2000', which I use almost daily. To the moment, my list contains 950 words, and I'm dictating about 30 words a day, randomly.

I also try to read from time to time the 'Corriere Della Sera' and 'Le Figaro' (sorry, my Spanish is yet not good enough to read Spanish). Technology and Sport are usually good subject to read, especially if I already have previous knowledge with the topic, since it's enables me to connect to ideas and the words I read with the facts I already know.

Good Luck for all of you :razz:

Wednesday at 04:50 AM
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I love my iPod, that is traveling with me every day either to work or around the world while on a business trip. To loose my iPod would be a catastrophy :sad::razz:French podcasts and yoga are my hot topics!:razz: