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Lesson Transcript

Sam: “Phew! I Hate Snails.” So welcome back to our lesson, guys.
Céline: Bonjour, Sam. Bonjour, Alex.
Alex: Bonjour, Céline. Bonjour, Sam. Ça va?
Sam: Oui. Ça va. Et toi?
Alex: Très bien, merci.
Céline: Moi aussi. Ça va très, très bien.
Sam: That's great! So we have a wonderful lesson today at FrenchPod101.com. What's the backdrop for today's conversation?
Céline: Alex, what is it?
Alex: Alors aujourd’hui on va parler de la cuisine française.
Sam: Today, we're talking about French cuisine.
Céline: And Julie and Rémi are talking about snails.
Sam: Sounds delicious.
Alex: How do you say "yummy, yummy" in French?
Céline: Miam miam.
Alex: Mmm. Miam miam.
Sam: Miam miam.
Céline: Escargot.
Sam: Miam miam. Let’s start.
Céline: C’est parti oui.
Céline: J'adore la cuisine française.
Alex: Moi aussi. J'aime surtout le fromage.
Alex: Mais je déteste les escargots.
Christophe: Berk ! Moi non plus !
Sam: Now, one more time, slowly.
Céline: J'adore la cuisine française.
Alex: Moi aussi. J'aime surtout le fromage.
Alex: Mais je déteste les escargots.
Christophe: Berk ! Moi non plus !
Sam: One more time with the English.
Céline: J'adore la cuisine française.
Sam: I’m fond of French cuisine.
Alex: Moi aussi. J'aime surtout le fromage.
Sam: Me, too. Especially cheese.
Alex: Mais je déteste les escargots.
Sam: But I hate snails.
Christophe: Berk ! Moi non plus !
Sam: Me, too!
Sam: So guys, have you ever eaten any exotic French cuisine?
Céline: Ok. bien sûr! I'm French. Come on. And it's not exotic; it's just French.
Alex: So Sam, what is exotic for you, because I don't get it?
Sam: For me, nothing's really too exotic. I've eaten lots of different things, so.
Céline: Tu as déjà mangé des escargots? Have you ever eaten snails?
Sam: Bien sûr.
Céline: Hmmm c’est bon.
Alex: It's delicious.
Céline: Oui.
Sam: Of course.
Alex: And have you ever eaten frog legs, for example, which is very French. Right?
Sam: I haven't, but I hear it tastes like chicken.
Alex: Something like that.
Céline: Yeah, better than chicken. C’est plus fin.
Alex: But you know what? The first time I have eaten frog, it was not in France. It was in Singapore. Could you imagine that?
Céline: Ah ben super. But you know that our friends, the British, they call us the frogs.
Sam: Why?
Céline: Because we eat frogs. I mean, frog legs, not frogs.
Sam: Oh. Interesting.
Céline: Shall we move to the vocab?
Sam: Of course! The first item is...
Alex: Aimer.
Sam: To love.
Alex: Aimer. Aimer.
Sam: Next.
Céline: Française.
Sam: French, feminine.
Céline: Française. Française.
Sam: Next.
Alex: Cuisine.
Sam: Cuisine or kitchen.
Alex: Cuisine. Cuisine.
Sam: Next.
Céline: Adorer.
Sam: To be fond of.
Céline: Adorer. Adorer.
Sam: Next.
Alex: Détester.
Sam: To hate.
Alex: Détester. Détester.
Sam: Next.
Céline: Fromage.
Sam: Cheese.
Céline: Fromage. Fromage.
Sam: Next.
Alex: Surtout.
Sam: Especially.
Alex: Surtout. Surtout.
Sam: Now on to the vocabulary and usage section.
Céline: Let's go. The first word is "adorer".
Alex: This is the most powerful verb to express your preference or your feelings.
Céline: J’adore les escargots.
Sam: I'm fond of escargot.
Alex: J’adore voyager.
Sam: I'm fond of traveling.
Alex: Ok. Then next word is "cuisine".
Sam: The famous French cuisine.
Céline: Yes, Sam! It's true, la cuisine française is an art. La meilleure cuisine, c’est la cuisine française.
Sam: The best cuisine is French cuisine.
Alex: It's also the feminine noun referring to the kitchen where we can cook delicious meals.
Sam: Great. So who's the French chef of the moment?
Céline: You know there are specialty chefs. For example, for pastry, there's the chef Jacques Torres. He specializes in dessert, especially with chocolate.
Alex: He even has a show on Food Network and worked in a famous restaurant in New York, called “Le Cirque 2000” with a $1 million pastry kitchen built to his specifications. Can you imagine that?
Sam: No, I can't imagine.
Céline: Yeah, c’est énorme. It's huge.
Alex: And the next verb we have is the verb, "aimer".
Céline: This one somewhat related to cuisine is used “à toutes les sauces”.
Alex: Literally, used with any gravy, meaning the word is found "aimer" is found in many contexts.
Céline: Well in France we love everything. It is more often used, as like in English, except when you're doing a love “déclaration”. Then you really mean "love." Amour.
Sam: How do you say, "I love you?"
Alex: If you love someone, you can say, "Je t'aime," but to express "to like" without any confusion, use rather "j'aime bien."

Lesson focus

Céline: So let's talk about likes and dislikes in the grammar part.
Sam: Sounds like a good idea to me.
Céline: Different verbs are used to express the degree of preference. Most common verbs of preference are...
Alex: "Détester". Par exemple: Je déteste les réunions ennuyeuses.
Sam: I hate boring meetings. Next.
Céline: Ne pas aimer. Je n’aime pas les réunions.
Sam: I don't like meetings.
Alex: Aimer un peu. J’aime un peu chanter.
Sam: I hardly like to sing.
Céline: Bien aimer. J’aime bien les échecs.
Sam: I like chess.
Alex: Aimer. J’aime les aventures.
Sam: I love adventure.
Céline: Aimer beaucoup. J’aime beaucoup les romans.
Sam: I love novels a lot.
Alex: Apprécier. J’apprécie votre amabilité.
Sam: I appreciate your helpfulness.
Céline: Préférer. Je préfère être en vacances.
Sam: I prefer to be on vacation.
Alex: Adorer. J’adore les films indépendants.
Sam: I'm fond of independent movies.
Céline: See. We have many verbs in French to express likes and dislikes.
Sam: Yeah! So you have many choices. So guys, there were several examples there. But for our listeners, maybe they can choose one that's easiest for them. What do you think is easiest to express that you like something.
Alex: Just say "aimer."
Sam: Oh, ok.
Céline: Yeah, you can use the verb "aimer". J’aime les escargots.
Sam: I like escargot.
Céline: And if you want to say that you don't like...
Alex: You can say "ne pas aimer".
Céline: Je n’aime pas les escargots.
Sam: Ah! So "I like," "I don't like". That's pretty easy.
Céline: Voilà. Yeah.
Alex: Very simple.
Céline: For a start, I mean, it's ok.


Sam: Ok. Let's wrap up there. So until the next time...
Alex: A la prochaine! Au revoir Céline, au revoir Sam!
Céline: Au revoir, Sam!
Sam: Au revoir!


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