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Lesson Transcript

Welcome back watchers! This week will be about Christmas. Oh! Let’s enjoy this one. Here we go!
1. Noël "Christmas"
"Merry Christmas!” Joyeux Noël!
Here is a French Christmas song "Vive le vent, vive le vent, vive le vent d'hiver..." which is Jingle Bell in English, but in French it goes like "Cheers to the wind, cheers to the wind, cheers to the winter wind..." Woh!
2. marché de Noël "Christmas market "
Oh! Those are super nice. So you go to the city, mostly the biggest cities, and they put little wooden houses outside instead of the city and you can have food, hot wine, and special crafts, and the mood of the city is really awesome, it's sparkly everywhere. So yeah, "Christmas markets are very nice." Le marché de Noël, c'est très sympa.
3. vin chaud "hot wine"
Vin chaud, "hot wine”, that you can find in the Christmas market. so hot wine is wine made hot, and with lots of fruit inside, like apples, oranges, and so it tastes fruity, too.
Le vin chaud est très fruité. "Hot wine is really fruity."
4. sapin de Noël "Christmas tree"
At first people used real Christmas trees, but since we don't want to kill the tree so much, a lot of people started using fake plastic one. So
un faux sapin de Noël. "A fake Christmas tree."
5. bûche glacée "Christmas log"
This is also a delicious Christmas dessert.
"My favorite Christmas log is with chocolate." Ma bûche glacée préférée est au chocolat.
And then you decorate it with all sort of Christmas ornament either plastic or sugary.
And it is the end already. So Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope you learned how to spend the French Christmas. And so if you’re spending Christmas in France, try using these word and make your own Christmas chocolate log. So don't forget to subscribe for more French words. Also check the websites, and you will find more cultural point everywhere. So have a Merry Christmas, and we'll see you next time, bye bye!


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