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Lesson Transcript

Welcome back watchers! Do you like wine? Because this week we are talking about Beaujolais nouveau which is a famous French wine. Here we go.
Beaujolais nouveau. Wine from the region of Beaujolais.
I think it is in center of France and they make this really famous wine. There is a party every year about – around the time the wine comes out.
Le Beaujolais nouveau est un vin fruité. The Beaujolais Nouveau is a fruity wine. And the famous sentence is Le Beaujolais Nouveau est arrivé! The Beaujolais Nouveau has come and everyone rush to the stores and buy brand new wine.
Gamay, a variety of grapes used to make Beaujolais nouveau. So every year it’s made from gamay grapes and every year, the quality changes depending on the weather of the year. So sometimes it’s really fruity and sweet and sometimes not that much.
Le gamay est un genre de raisin. Gamay is a variety of grape.
Vin de dégustation, vin de table tasting wine, table wine, so tasting wine will be a really fancy wine, one that you can get in fancy restaurants or buy in expensive store, and table wine vin de table is something French people will have on the table, for example for lunch. A lot of French people like to have their one glass of wine at every meal. So they will take something that’s quite cheap and not that good but they need a glass of wine with the food and a piece of bread and cheese and so it’s really part of the French food table at lunch and for dinner too. So Beaujolais nouveau is a tasting wine rather than a table wine and it’s quite new. So you use it mostly for digestion and enjoying it rather than just drinking it with your food. Le vin de dégustation est plus cher que le vin de table. Tasting wine is more expensive than table wine.
Se conserver to be preserved. Beaujolais nouveau must be consumed within six months. So yeah this is really young wine and you have to drink it right away and so you can’t preserve it for long.
Le Beaujolais nouveau est un vin qui se boit vite. Beaujolais nouveau is a wine that you have to drink quickly.
Exporté exported. So this wine seems to be exported a lot. So it’s shipped all over the world and so maybe you’ve seen event in your own country. Have you seen the event in your own country? Tell me in the comments because I get no idea. Le Beaujolais Nouveau est un vin très exporté. The Beaujolais nouveau is a very exported wine. Le Beaujolais Nouveau est exporté en grande quantité. The Beaujolais nouveau is exported in large quantities all over the world.
So that’s it for this week. Did you ever enjoy Beaujolais Nouveau and how did it taste for you? You can tell me in the comments and if you want to know more about French culture, don’t forget to visit the website or subscribe to the channel. And we will see you next time, bye bye! À bientôt!


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Which word do you like the most?

Thursday at 04:46 AM
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Bonjour Lori !

Je dirais que c'est un vin plutôt sec.

En général, ce n'est pas très bon 😮

Bonne journée et à bientôt !

Marie Alice

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Tuesday at 07:01 PM
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Hi João,


Thank you very much for posting!

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Joao Bosco
Wednesday at 06:00 AM
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Je suis allé à la fin de l'année à une fête du Beaujolais-Nouveau à l'ambassade de Franca au Brésil. beaucoup de vin et beaucoup d'animation.

Lori A. Thompson
Friday at 11:40 PM
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Je n'ai pas encore essayé le Beaujolais-Nouveau. Mais je l'ai souvent vu dans de nombreux supermarchés.

Je suis curieux, est-ce un vin sec ou un vin doux?