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Lesson Transcript

Lya: Welcome back watchers! Today we are talking about a French holiday, Armistice Day.
1. Armistice de la Première Guerre Mondiale Armistice Day.
Armistice is a day we signed the treaty on World War I with Germany to seize war. That’s quite a long sample sentence. So let’s just keep this as a history fact and do another one. Armistice Day celebrates peace. L'Armistice de la Première Guerre Mondiale célèbre la paix. It’s on November 11th and it’s a holiday. So no one is working.
2. Première Guerre Mondiale World War I
Première Guerre Mondiale World War I La Première Guerre Mondiale a eu lieu de 1914 à 1918. World War 1 was from 1914 to 1918.
3. Cesser le feu Cease fire
Cesser le feu Cease fire. We cease fire on the treaty is signed. Nous cessons le feu quand un traité est signé. Which is what happened on Armistice Day. So we stop fighting each other.
4. Tombe du soldat inconnu Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
La tombe du soldat inconnu est au centre de Paris. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is in the center of Paris.
5. Les poilus, poilus.
The nickname for the French soldier during World War I. Why? Because they couldn’t shave and poilus literally means hairy. So they had the mustache and the beard and they were looking dirty and everything, so they were called "the hairys."
On les appelle "les poilus" en référence à leur moustache. We call them "poilus" in reference to their moustache.
So it’s the end for this week. Don’t forget to subscribe for more French videos and if you want to know more about French and their culture, don’t forget to check the website and see you next time! À bientôt!

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