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Lesson Transcript

Lya: So welcome back watchers! Do you like French food? Because this week we are going to talk about Gastronomy Day. Here we go!
Fête de la Gastronomie. Gastronomy Day.
Party about food! A la fête de la gastronomie, on mange de l'excellente nourriture. For Gastronomy Day, we eat delicious food.
Gastronomie, the art of making good food.
So for this day, we try to make the food really fancy and really tasty and take lot of time to prepare everything and make it look and taste beautiful. The art of making good food is called Gastronomy. L'art de faire de la bonne nourriture est appelé "la gastronomie".
Cuisine française. French food.
My favorite French food will be something like desserts, sweet stuff like macaron. These are nice desserts that are really precise to make and croissant which is for breakfast. You have to make in all we see sheets of dough and fold them and everything and then fold it again and then fold it again and then it makes it more crunchy and delicious. Quelle est votre cuisine française préférée? What’s your favorite French food?
Concours de cuisine amateur, amateur cooking contest.
What would you make in one of those contests? I would make my delicious Salmon Pasta. It’s so famous.
Guide Michelin. The Michelin Guide.
Je suis les conseils du guide Michelin. I follow the advice of the Michelin Guide because it’s good but then you end up in an expensive place.
So I hope you enjoyed this lesson and that you will also get delicious food. Subscribe for more videos and to the website for more French and maybe more food. À bientôt! See you next time.

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