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Lesson Transcript

Welcome back watchers. This week, we are going to talk about more French holidays and this week will be national holiday. So national holiday is on July 14th and it’s to celebrate the independence of French people from the king if I remember correctly.
La fête Nationale, the national celebration.
On ne travaille pas le jour de la Fête Nationale. We don't work on National Celebration Day.
Prise de la Bastille, the Storming Of The Bastille.
La Bastille était une prison. Bastille was a prison.
Révolution Française, French revolution.
The French revolution took place in 1789. La Révolution Française a eu lieu en 1789. Which is a long time ago.
Défilé militaire, military parade.
Yeah on this day, the army people get all fancy, and the president watches over them ,and they just parade in the street and also make army music.
On the day of the military parade, officers are wearing their best uniform.
Le jour du défilé militaire, les officiers portent leurs plus beaux costumes.
Feux d'artifice, Fireworks.
I like fireworks, it’s so sparkly. Les feux d'artifice, ça brille. Fireworks are sparkly, and make lot of noises too. So they have fireworks in almost every city. Even tiny ones try to make little fireworks and usually they end up with a flag colors like blue, white, red. So they are like fireworks that *POP* French!
And it’s the end for this week. So what’s a national holiday in your country? So leave me a comment and check out the website if you want to know more about France and French holidays. See you next time! À bientôt!

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