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Lesson Transcript

Welcome back, watchers! This week we're going to talk about Grandmother’s Day.
1. Fête des Grands-Mères "Grandmother's Day"
It's the day where you have to care about your grandmothers.
"To visit your grandmother on Grandmother's Day."
Visiter sa grand-mère le jour des grands-mères.
2. grand-mère "grandmother"
"Grandma made me a cake.” Ma grand-mère m'a fait un gâteau.
They say that “Grandmother's cooking is the best."
La cuisine de grand-mère est la meilleure.
3. bouquet de fleurs "flower bouquet"
Bouquet de fleurs. "Flower bouquet.”
“I gave a bouquet of tulips to my grandmother.”
J'ai donné un bouquet de tulipes à ma grand-mère.
Awww… Merci mon petit chou. “Thank you my sweetheart."
If I sound like this when I’m a grandma…
4. oublié(e) "to be forgotten"
Because we forgot grandpas, there is no Grandfather’s Day.
On a oublié papy. "We forgot grandpa.”
“Don't forget your grandmother!" N'oubliez pas votre grand-mère.
5. café "coffee"
Because grandma coffee is a really famous brand in France, and it was kind of because of it there is a Grandmother’s Day. And so, La café grand-mère. "Grandma coffee."
So thank you for watching! Don't forget to leave a comment about what would you do for your grandmother or what does she do to you, like does she make you cake when you visit? And don't forget to subscribe for more videos, and check the website for more culture points. I’ll see you next time, à bientôt.

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