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Lesson Transcript

Welcome back, watchers! This week, we’re going to talk about Carnival. Let’s go!
1. Carnaval “Carnival”
Carnival is a big party we have all around the country and it’s usually on the Tuesday because it’s also called “Fatty Tuesday” or Mardi Gras where you eat crepe again. And everyone is wearing a disguise and partying in the streets. We got big floats or kind of cars made by people with decorations and everything and we throw confetti and sparkle in the street.
‘Le jour du Carnaval.’ “Carnival's Day.” or ‘Costume de Carnaval.’ “Carnival Costume.”.
2. char “float”
So it’s a big float like huge one and we cross the roads and we parade with them and they’ll decorate it with paper and kind of sculptures and some have a band on it that play music. In Paris, it can be really big and in the countryside, we get smaller one, but it’s quite nice as well and it’s really joyful everywhere. Yeah and every float got a theme so someone will have like a pirate theme or Far West theme or Greek mythology theme or even no theme sometime and just random sparkles everywhere.
J'ai pris 2 mois pour faire mon char. “It took me 2 months to do my float.”
3. Nice “Nice”
Nice is a city in France in the south. It’s very famous for its big carnival. It’s quite a big city so I’m not surprised that the carnival is also quite big.
Le Carnaval de Nice est le plus célèbre. “Nice Carnival is the most famous.”
4. concours de fleurs “flower competition”
Really? So some of the float are really fancy and you have competition for this so some carry flowers and so there is a flower competition so the prettiest wins!
Le plus beau bouquet de fleurs gagne. “The prettiest flower bouquet wins.”
5. se déguiser “to disguise”
So for carnival, you disguise yourself as whatever you want. Small girls will dress up as like princesses and small boys will dress up as Mario or firefighter. There’s also prepared costume to parade with the kids all by themselves. What would you disguise yourself in for a carnival? Leave it in the comment.
Se déguiser en princesse. “To disguise as a princess.”
That’s it! So what’s your best carnival costume or carnival memory you had? Leave it in the comment. Don’t forget to subscribe for more French videos and check the website for more French culture. À bientôt! See you soon!

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