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Lesson Transcript

Welcome back, watchers! This week we’re going to talk about Valentine’s Day. Let’s go!
1. Saint Valentin “Valentine's Day”
So in France, Valentine’s Day is also on February 14th and basically as everywhere else in the world. In France, boys and girls give presents to each other and try to spend the day together in a date. So it’s not only the guy giving the girl stuff or only the girl giving the guy chocolate or something like that. It’s really both of them trying to be together and having a good time.
“Having a date on Valentine's Day.” Avoir un rencard le jour de la Saint Valentin.
Cute and on Valentine’s Day, sometimes the Eiffel Tower got a little heart shape on its screen. It’s cute and it’s pink and everything.
2. chocolat “chocolate”
So yeah, chocolate is kind of traditional Valentine’s Day gift I guess from all over the world. Usually for Valentine’s Day, you get a lot of special edition chocolates like with chocolate in heart shape with boxes or fancy Mon Chéri which is a chocolate with a cherry inside and the term actually in French is also “sweetheart” so it kind of translates to “my sweetheart” so it’s cute.
Donner des chocolats à son amoureux. “To give your lover chocolates.”
3. bouquet de fleurs “flower bouquet”
If you want to be romantic and especially for Valentine’s Day, usually it’s red roses because it’s love. You get a bouquet arranged with different kinds of flowers which have different kinds of meaning and you arrange the flowers with the color of the flowers for the right meaning and everything. So sometimes, it gets really complicated bouquet of flowers or fancy.
Donner un bouquet de fleurs à sa petite amie. “To give one's girlfriend a flower bouquet.”
4. parfum “perfume”
This is one of the gifts that you could give to a girl or sometimes girls to guys for Valentine’s Day. Usually, people advise to not give perfumes because having a scent is kind of really personal and if the person doesn’t like it and it’s kind of awkward because you give it to them so they kind of have to wear it. I remember the time where my dad was given perfume and he was allergic to it so he couldn’t put it without sneezing all the time and then the girl was like, “Why don’t you put the perfume I gave you?”.
Mettre du parfum. “To put on perfume.”
5. petit(e) ami(e) “boyfriend/girlfriend”
It’s kind of the same sound but we’ll write petit without “-e” for boy and petite with an “-e” for girls so it’s petit ami and petite amie. You cannot tell the difference with the pronunciation because you have to link the “T” with the next letter so “A” when pronouncing it, but it’s written differently. So petit(e) ami(e) is boyfriend or girlfriend.
“To go on a date with your boyfriend.” Avoir rendez-vous avec son copain.
This is usually what you do on Valentine’s Day right?
So yeah, Happy Valentine’s Day and don’t forget to subscribe for more French videos and check the website for more cultural points and tell me what kind of present you would like to receive or to give for Valentine’s Day in the comment and we’ll see you next time! À bientôt!