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Lesson Transcript

So welcome back, watchers! Are you hungry? This week we're going to talk about Chandeleur, Candlemas. Let's go!
1. Chandeleur “Candlemas“
So it's a holiday at the beginning of the year, I think it's on the second month of the year, like, February. And we make crêpe and we eat together with everyone.
Les crêpes de la Chandeleur. Candlemas crepes.
Fête de la Chandeleur. Candlemas party or festival.
2. crêpe “pancake” or “crepe”
It's not exactly pancake, it's a kind of really thin, soft, pastry dough made with milk and eggs and flour, and a bit of butter to make it better. You put them in a pan, you can flip them and fill them with whatever you like, usually, it's sweet, so with sugar or jam, chocolate.
Des crêpes au chocolat. Chocolate crepes or chocolate pancakes.
Faire des crêpes. Make pancakes or make crepes.
3. porter malheur “bad luck” / “jinx”
So it's said to be bad luck when you flip your crêpe and it falls, wherever, or sometimes you flip it and it breaks, this is sad and then you have to try to fix it and it doesn't work.
Rater sa crêpe porte malheur. Messing up your crepe is a jinx.
Les chats noirs portent malheur. Black cats are bad luck.
4. crêpe Suzette “crepe Suzette”
It's, yeah, it's a popular kinda crêpe, it's one with a little bit of alcohol in it, it's with an orange taste because you put some orange extract in the dough, if I remember correctly. And you can put fire to the crêpe, so you can put the crêpe when it's done, you fold it nicely and you put the alcohol, and then you will put the fire and goes...
Les crêpes Suzette ont un goût d'orange. Crepes Suzette got an orange taste.
5. Louis d'or “golden Louis”
An ancient coin that was used during royalty that when flipping your crêpe, if you hold the Louis, golden Louis, in your hand, and the crêpe falls properly, then you will be rich and have prosperity all year long. Well, nowadays, no one does this, but maybe try it with your own currency because no one got golden Louis anymore. They must be collectible, too expensive.
Je n'ai pas de Louis d'or. I don't have golden Louis.
And that's about it! So thanks for watching! Enjoy your own crêpe, and maybe give me a crêpe recipe in the comments and I will try it out. Don't forget to subscribe for more French words and check the website for more cultural lesson. And we'll see you next time, à bientôt!