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Lesson Transcript

So welcome back, everyone! And Happy New Year, because this week's theme is about New Year’s Day. Let’s go!
1. Nouvel An "New Year's Day"
You spend New Year with your family but in France, Christmas is with family and new year will be for friends. So usually you meet with friends and party until midnight and then everyone cheers and continue to party together.
"Happy New Year!"
That’s what you scream when it’s 12. Bonne Année!
Yeah! Hug! Hug! Kiss!
2. décompte de minuit "midnight countdown"
Tout le monde compte pour le décompte de minuit. "Everyone is counting for the midnight countdown.”
“Three, two, one, happy new year!" Trois, deux, un, bonne année!
Do you have a special custom in your country for the countdown?
3. bonnes résolutions "New Year's resolutions"
New year resolution or in French, “good resolutions”.
Quelles sont tes bonnes résolutions? "What are your New Year's resolutions?"
4. branche de gui "mistletoe"
"To kiss under the mistletoe." S'embrasser sous les branches de gui.
So you get this mistletoe hanging and then you see the boy or girl you like, and then you’ll be like “look it’s a mistletoe, we should kiss, because it’s tradition.”
Try it, it’s sneaky.
5. show télévisé "television show"
Usually for new year, the big TV shows get the special show on, and they do the countdown on TV with everyone. Fun cartoons too, for the kids.
Un show télévisé spécial. "A special TV show."
So it’s the end for this week, have a Happy New Year, everyone! Don't forget to subscribe for more video, and check the website for more culture inside and French culture, and we’ll see you next time, à bientôt.
I don't know how to move my hands.
So a big nice dinner for everyone. Nom Nom Nom…

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