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Friday at 6:30 pm
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Bonjour FrenchPod101 listeners!

A good way of practicing your French verbs is to describe actions.

So, try telling us what you did this weekend - in French!

James Williams
Tuesday at 9:09 pm
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This is the way I learn best, sight relation recognition. Y'all are awesome!! Though it may be tedious for me at times, I replay these lessons until they stick. Then, if/when they "unstick," I can always go back to them. Thank you SO much!

Thursday at 1:47 pm
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Hello Edward,

Thank you for your comment ! Of course you can send me your draft ! It would be a pleasure for me to read it.

I think you can have a video conversation with someone, send us an email to contactus@frenchpod101.com !

To say "shed" in French we rather use the word "hangar". "Baraque" means "maison" (house) and is a pejorative/familiar word.

Bonne journée,

Marie Alice

Team FrenchPod101.com

Saturday at 7:39 pm
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Hi, I have a french exam for school coming up. I think my french is fairly ok, but i want tome good words and phrases to use in the exam. Could i send you Marie, a draft of an essay for you to correct. It would be so good if you could correct it! Also, do you think i would be able to do a video conversation with someone from frenchpod101.com to have a conversation to practice my french?


et aussi, tu dit en France "Baraque" par exemple: Tu peux mettre les pelles dans la baraque

(and also, you say in France "Shed/hut" for example: You can put the shovels in the shed.


Tuesday at 7:14 pm
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Hi Connie,

Thank you for your comment ! You’re doing great !

In french, "Week-end" is masculine : un week-end. You have to write : "Ce week-end".

"J'étudie le français et regarde un film" is correct, but it's the present tense. If you are talking about an action completed in the past, you need to use the "passé composé" (most common French past tense) :

"Ce week-end, j'ai étudié le français et regardé un film".

I hope everything is clear to you. If not, let me know !

Thank you,

Marie Alice

Team FrenchPod101.com

Wednesday at 12:29 pm
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Hi Scott,

Thank you for your comment.

One of the advantages of this videos is that you can stop them as many times as you want, so you can check every detail showed on the screen. You can take notes, check the Lesson Materials, and review the Lesson Notes.

Please, let us know if you have any question or suggestion.



Team FrenchPod101.com

Thursday at 6:27 am
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Cette weekend, j'etudie le francais et regarde un film.

(this weekend, I studied French and watched a film)

corrigez-moi si vous plait!

(please correct me! )

merci :)

(thank you) :)

Sunday at 11:43 pm
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Hello! I am a beginner and I am excited about learning French. I am not sure how I will

Learn the new language, but I am sure there are many ways to teach a new student how to understand a foreign language. The video learning method does not work for me. There are too

many things to look at in the picture, to try to understand what the word means.

I hope I can learn through your other methods, and I am looking forward to speaking some sentences in a new language! Thank you for inviting me to learn on Frenchpod101!!


Tuesday at 7:11 pm
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Hello Jini,

I've checked the video and it's fine on my computer.

I'll forward your comment to the correspondent team to see what's possible.

Thank you for your comment!



Team FrenchPod101.com

Saturday at 10:23 pm
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Buffering makes me irritated..This video is too slow to operate

Monday at 11:55 am
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Bonjour gilbertoremedios3420,

Thank you for reporting the problem. And I'm sorry for the delay. All 25 lessons are in the list now.

Please let us know if you have any other question or comment!



Team FrenchPod101.com