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Lesson Transcript

chat noir [black cat]
Did you know? Chat noir means "black cat."
In France, it's believed that seeing a black cat at night will bring you bad luck.
Some people believe that this is because black cats are incarnations of the Devil. However, this is just one possible theory.
Fais attention si tu vois un chat noir traverser la rue [Be careful if you see a black cat crossing the street]
croiser les doigts [cross fingers]
Did you know? Croiser les doigts means "to cross fingers."
In France, it's believed that crossing fingers is a sign of good luck.
It's because in the pre-Christian era, crosses symbolised power and unity. The middle of the cross represented all that was good. People used to make wishes on it to ward off evil.
Je croise les doigts pour ton examen demain! [Fingers crossed for your exam tomorrow!]



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Monday at 06:30 PM
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Do you know any other French superstitions?

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Friday at 08:30 PM
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Bonjour Colette et merci pour vos commentaires !

Contente que cette leรงon vous plaise !

Je n'ai jamais entendu cette expression avant d'aller me coucher ! ? Peut-รชtre que c'รฉtait une chanson inventรฉe par votre mamie ?

Bonne fin de semaine !

Marie Alice

Team FrenchPod101.com

colette good
Friday at 07:31 AM
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My Grandmother always said a verse to us when she tucked us into bed. She would say ' Bonsoir, bonnuit, dormir, reveiller. '

and she would sing it. Is this a french familiar french saying or did she make it up? We are French Canandian.

Thanks again,


colette good
Friday at 07:27 AM
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Thanks for clarifying the meaning of these superstitions. My Grandmother would say all these superstitions all the time. But i never knew what the reason behind them was. Lovely Job!.

Thanks for those memories.?