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Lesson Transcript

passer sous une échelle [walk under a ladder]
Did you know? Passer sous une échelle means "to walk under a ladder."
In France, it's believed that walking under a ladder brings bad luck.
One theory is that a perched up ladder creates a triangle that resembles the trinity. Any human being that went through the sacred space would profane it.
Ne passe pas sous l'échelle, c'est dangereux! [Don't walk under the ladder; it's dangerous!]
étoile filante [shooting star]
Did you know? étoile filante means shooting star.
In France, it's believed that if you make a wish while you see a shooting star it will come true.
It's because for some people a shooting star, which is a rare spectacle, represents falling souls who will help make wishes come true.
Hier, j'ai vu une étoile filante et j'ai fait un voeu, j'espère qu'il se réalisera. [Yesterday, I saw a shooting star and made a wish. I hope it will come true.]


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