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Lesson Transcript

mettre le pain à l'envers sur la table [put the bread upside down on the table]
Did you know? Mettre le pain à l'envers sur la table means to put bread upside down on the table.
In France, it's believed that putting bread upside down on a table it will bring bad luck.
It's because people believe that you'll invite famine into the household. However, this is just one belief, and there are other theories about the origin of this superstition.
Tu as encore mis le pain à l'envers sur la table, fais attention la prochaine fois. [You put the bread upside down on the table again; be careful next time.]
toucher du bois [knock on wood]
Did you know? Toucher du bois means to knock on wood.
In France, it's believed that knocking on wood is good luck.
It's because in ancient times people used to believe that spritis or deities lived in trees, and knocking on the tree or touching it would acknowledge them and protect one from misfortune.
J'espère que tout se passera bien. Je touche du bois! [I hope everything will be fine. Knock on wood!]


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