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Welcome to Fun and Easy French by FrenchPod101.com
How can you land the best job in France… WITH 5 weeks of PAID vacation?
Salut, je suis Laureen!
Hi everyone! I’m Laureen!
In this lesson, you’ll learn How to Find a Job in France.
I’ll walk you through the whole adventure of finding work France, from work ideas to foreigners’ favorites, up to the best places for your job-hunting.
You'll learn...
One: The Paperwork You’ll Need
Two: The Different Types of Jobs You Can Get
Three: Where to Find Jobs Right Now
Four: Why You’ll Love Working in France
And Five: How FrenchPod101 Can Help You Get a Job in France
Let’s jump in.
Part One: The Paperwork You’ll Need.
So, what kind of paperwork do you need?
If you’re from the EU-EEA (European Union - European Economic Area), you can live and work in France with very few restrictions. No need for anything.
If you’re not from Europe, you need to apply for a Residence Permit or a Talent Passport Permit a few months before entering the country. You also need to be sponsored by a French employer.
To be on the safe side, you can find out what kind of Visa you need by filling out a quick form on the official website for French visas.
Part Two: The Different Types of Jobs You Can Get
What kind of jobs can you get? Well, that depends on your French!
If You are Fluent in French, the sky is the limit and you can be picky. Depending on your skills and degrees, you’ll find a wide variety of jobs and you can apply freely, just as you would in your home country.
If You are Intermediate in French, you’ll have to be more flexible. But, there will still be many more open doors to you than non-French speakers. Don’t be shy about using French and expressing your interest in learning more. Potential employers will appreciate it.
If You are a Beginner in French… you’ll have to be open-minded and flexible because many options won’t be available for you. So, which jobs can you take on with little or no French?
You can teach English in schools and universities. But you’ll likely need to have TEFL certificate first.
You can work in the Tourism Industry. For example, in travel agencies, hostels, and even as a tour guide.
You can work for NGOs  and Think Tanks like UNESCO and the OECD. And Paris is the best place to find these places.
You can assist other foreigners as a real estate agent, relocation consultant or a French Red Tape expert.
You can also try being a Volontaire - or Volunteer - and work on a tourist visa. 90% of volunteering gigs are at farms and hostels. You can find them on Workaway.info, HelpX.Net or WWOOF.net.
Let’s move on to finding work:
Part Three: Job-hunting in France from A to Z
Now that you have an idea of the kind of work you can get… here’s how you find it.
First, Use Job Search Engines.
Pole-emploi.fr. this is the national agency for employment and biggest resource for French jobs
Apec.fr, this is another national agency specialized in the employment of executives.
And you can always can turn to Indeed.fr and Monster.fr
Second, Use Specialized Job Directories.
If you’re looking for a job in a specific field, then check out autorecrute for work in the auto industry, AFJV for Video Games, and L’Hôtellerie Restauration for Hotels and Restaurants.
Third - Get Help Finding a Job..
...from Agences d’Intérim or Temporary Job Agencies, such as Adecco and Manpower. Or, you can also contact “Agences de recrutement” or Recruiting Agencies.
Fourth, Take Advantage of Expat Portals and Communities such as Jobs in Paris, EasyExpat, and Expatica
Fifth, Go to Job Fairs or Salons de l’emploi. If you’re able to attend, you can have several interviews in one day and speed up your jobhunt. You can find more information about the dates and places of these fairs on nSalons or recrut.com.
Sixth, Spontaneous Applications.
You can go Porte à porte (“Door-to-door”) and try Candidature spontanée (“Spontaneous application”). This tactic may work for small- to medium-sized businesses, but not for big multinational companies.
And Seventh - Networking.
The fact is… most jobs in France are found through relationships and contacts. Even the positions that you see listed on websites often end up filled by someone who knows someone in the company.
Now that you know how to find a job in France, that brings us to...
Part 4: Here’s Why You’ll Love Working in France
Number one: Job Security.
In France, you’re protected by a heavy set of laws making you hard to fire and leaving you with a hefty compensation if it happens
Number two: Unemployment Allowance.
If you get fired, you will be compensated monthly for about two-thirds of your former salary to help you find another job. All thanks to Allocation Chômage: the French unemployment allowance program.
Number three: Transport and Food Subsidies
If you use public transportation, your employer will pay at least 50% of your monthly Pass.
Plus, many companies pay half of your “Tickets restaurant,” which are vouchers that can be used in restaurants, bakeries, and supermarkets.
Number four: 35-Hour Weeks. Not 40, not 36 and a half. 35. But if you do work over the legal limit of 35, you get compensated with paid vacations called RTT. Overtime is strictly regulated—so no one can mess with your hours!
Number five:. Paid Holidays. On top of your RTT, you get five weeks of paid vacation per year, plus there are 11 or so national holidays
Number six: The Comité d’entreprise
If you’re working for a big company, it’ll likely have a Comité d’entreprise (“Work council”). These guys are working full-time on your happiness by providing you with all kinds of perks. From cheap tickets to discounted holidays and vouchers for books and gifts.
Now on to…
Part 5: How Can FrenchPod101 Help You Get a Job in France?
By teaching you French and getting you to speak from your very first lesson.
FrenchPod101 lessons build you up - from your first words to mastering entire conversations.
And you get lessons for all levels, from Absolute Beginner to Advanced. Enough to take you from knowing zero to speaking fluently.
You can also learn with your own teacher with the Premium PLUS plan. They’ll correct your French, tell you how to improve your speaking, writing and grammar…. And even help you practice for job interviews in French!
In this lesson you learned what you need to work in France, what jobs are available to you, how to get a job, the perks of working in France… and how FrenchPod101 can help you work in France.
That’s it for today!
See you next time! À la prochaine!

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