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Lesson Transcript

Lya: Welcome back to French weekly words. In France, let’s discover this week’s new theme. This week is bugs and insects. Eww! When you are going to see a bug you won’t be screaming in French, Oh mon Dieu! Une cafard! let’s go. First one is
1. abeille
Abeille is bee.
Bees make honeys. Les abeilles font du miel. honey.
2. Next one is: araignée
Araignée, spider.
Spiderman, Spiderman which in French is L’homme araignée, l'homme araignée. It doesn’t sound that great in French, right?
There is a spider on the ceiling. Il y a une araignée au plafond. When you say this about someone, it means he is bit crazy in the head, Il y a une araignée au plafond. he’s got spider on the ceiling.
3. Next one is: chenille
Chenille, caterpillar.
La chenille mange des feuilles. The caterpillar eats leaves.
4. Next one is: fourmi
Fourmi is an ant. There is this famous book series The Ants. So in French, it is Le fourmi by famous author Bernard Werber.
Les fourmis vivent sous la terre. Ants live underground.
5. Next one is: moustique
Moustique, mosquito.
Let the mosquito – no! I am woken up by the mosquitoes at night. Les moust iques me réveillent la nuit . If it comes here and the bzzzz and then get beaten.
Mosquito repellants. Anti-moustique .
You want to buy one of these if you come visit France in summer. So just ask the store for Anti-moustique and you will have a way better vacation.
The end, and now you can express all the disgusting things crawling around the earth, in French which is way more fancy. Check the word list and website. Leave a comment for your favorite insect or the one you dislike the most. And I see you which is next week for more French words. Bye.