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Lesson Transcript

Lya: So welcome back to French weekly words, in France again. Get me out of here, please, please. So this week’s words are musical instruments. Let’s go. First one is
1. trompette
Trompette is trumpet. So what can you do with a trumpet? You can blow it.
I don’t play the trumpet because it’s so noisy. Je ne joue pas de la trompette parce que c'est vraiment bruyant.
2. guitare
Guitare, guitar. Almost the same pronunciation again, so easy again.
Playing the guitar on the beach. Jouer de la guitare sur la plage. because it’s summer, enjoy!
3. Next one is: triangle
Triangle, triangle. Seriously, which is this? *ping*
I am the #1 triangle in the orchestra. Je suis le premier triangle de l'orchestre. that’s the best position.
How many tones are there in a triangle? Combien y a-t-il de tons avec un triangle? let me know because I am curious about it.
4. piano
Piano, everyone at some points knows to play the piano. Yeah.
A piano is expensive. Un piano c'est cher. just play the triangle, seriously.
5. saxophone
Saxophone, a sax.
So, saxophone is from Belgium. Le saxophone vient de Belgique. it was invented by Mr. Sax and in Belgium, they also speak French.
The end, so it’s the end for this week and if you play any instrument, let me know again because I need to know – determine this one, let me know as well. You can find this list of words on the website again and it’s still free. So enjoy, we will see you in the next week for more French words, still in France. Bye!