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Lesson Transcript

Lya: Welcome back to French weekly words, and today we are in France yeah. Isn’t it so fancy? That’s so much I love you. *tadaa* direction words. Okay let’s go. First word is
1. dehors
Dehors is outside. So today we are outside, easy.
Yes, today we are outside Aujourd'hui nous sommes dehors.
2. Next one is: droite
Droite, your right. What can you do on the right? Turn. Man, I am forgetting words, sorry. Man, it’s not fireworks. It’s – this thing is a red light. Ah!
Turn at the next light, turn right. Au prochain feu, tournez à droite. kind of.
3. est
East, est, almost the same pronunciation. So est is also on the right.
Japan is on the east. Le Japon est à l'est.
The sun rises from the east. Le soleil se lève à l'est. if I am not mistaken.
4. gauche
So gauche is left. Left side. so...
There is a table on my left. Il y a une table à ma gauche.
Gauche, left.
5. Next one is north, nord
Nord. So north is le nord.
There are igloo on the north. Il y a des igloos au nord.
It’s raining on the north. Il pleut au nord. Especially in France, if you go to the north, it’s like always raining and always gray or at least kind of sunny *meh*
The end. So see you next week for more French words and we will still be friends. Isn’t it nice? Get me out of here, please. So bye bye and don’t forget to leave a comment if you have a question and check for the other words and get the list for free on the website, bye.