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Lesson Transcript

Lya: Welcome back to French weekly words and let’s discover this week’s theme. It’s the end. French tourist attractions. I don’t go out. I don’t know those. First word is
1. La cathédrale de Notre Dame de Paris
La cathédrale de Notre Dame de Paris, Notre Dame cathedral.
Which is also in Paris and it’s one of the biggest ones in France. It’s pretty old and you have nice art work inside and all the window art work as well. I don’t know how to call this in English window art work, stain glass – they have really pretty stain glass.
On peut écouter l'orgue à la cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris le dimanche. So you can listen to the Organ at Notre Dame cathedral on Sunday. It’s very famous to go listen to the organ.
2. Next one: musée du Louvre
musée du Louvre, which is also in Paris and it’s famous for its pyramid shape, and you can also see Leonardo Da Vince inside. Also they have a nice Egyptology place that you can visit.
Ma section préférée au musée du Louvre c'est l'égypyologie. my favorite part in Louvre museum is Egyptology, which is really super interesting.
3. parc du château de Versailles
parc du château de Versailles, Gardens of Versailles.
There was a place where the king lived in, really beautiful gardens with fountains and fancy architecture and you can visit the castle as well which is pretty beautiful.
The best time to visit gardens of Versailles is in summer. So, Le meilleur moment pour visiter le parc du chât eau de Versailles c'est en été. because otherwise it maybe raining, you get not so enjoyable rain as it puts the fountains out and it…
4. Mont Saint Michel
Mont Saint Michel. So this is in Bretagne is a shape like this and it’s at the end and it’s in Old Abbey built on a rock on kind of island. So when the sea rises, you can’t access it except by boat and when it goes down, you can access by foot and you have to be careful with the sea because it will be dangerous over here.
Le Mont Saint Michel est une abbaye. Mont Saint Michel is an abbey.
5. Tour Eiffel
Tour Eiffe, Eiffel Tower, its red and white, no it’s not. So this was made for the international exposition and it’s a symbol of Paris as well.
La tour Eiffel est en forme de "A" parce que c'est la première lettre du mot "amour". So The Eiffel Tower is in the shape of the "A" letter because it's the first letter of the word "love" in French (amour). So it has the same shape.
Next one is the end. So we will see you in the next video next week for more French words and if you liked it, you can leave a comment and don’t forget to get the list of words from the website. So see you next time bye.