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Lesson Transcript

Lya: Okay so welcome back to French weekly words and we are going to start this week with a new theme and it’s because I discovered together. It’s French cities.
1. Cannes
Cannes is very famous for the Film festival right.
Sample sentence will be: Le festival de Cannes a lieu en été. The film festival of Cannes is in summer, and you get to see a lot of celebrities and things like that. I guess because I never went there.
2. Next one: Paris
Paris, so everyone know Paris I think. Paris is a capital, you have Eiffel Tower and fancy stuff museum.
Paris est la plus belle ville du monde. Paris is most beautiful city in the world. They say as well. I find it smelly but you can think whatever you want.
3. Marseille
Marseille is in the South and it’s near Italy. It’s a harbor kind of city and it’s kind of dangerous as well, but it’s kind of fun also.
La ville de Marseille est un port . Marseille is harbor, right.
4. Next one is: Nice
Nice it’s written as nice and it’s also a nice city. So it’s also in the south. So it’s very sunny, and you have fancy food and fish, stuff like this.
La ville de Nice est ensoleillée. Nice is sunny. Shall I say it more seriously?
5. Montpellier
Montpellier I came from here. Montpellier So this one is in the south near the Mediterranean sea, you have the mountain on this side and the sea on the other side and it’s super nice. It’s a student city and so lot of young people, you have plenty of parties and things like that. Universities, and I really like it.
So, Montpellier est une ville estudiantine. Montpellier is a student city.
The end, okay so we reviewed all the cities today and so don’t forget to check the website if you want the list of cities and more information. So see you next week, bye.