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Lesson Transcript

Lya: So welcome back to French weekly words and this week will be about currency exchange. Let’s start. First one is
1. convertir
Convertir, to convert.
Converting money, Convertir de l'argent.
2. devise étrangère
Foreign exchange, devise étrangère.
When you get to a new country, you should change your money in foreign exchange. Quand on arrive dans un nouveau pays, il faut changer sa monnaie en monnaie étrangère.
You can order for an exchange at your bank before going. On peut commander des devises étrangères à la banque avant de partir. Next one.
3. dollar américain
US dollar, dollar américain. ‘Murrica!
US dollars are green. Les dollars américains sont verts.
Here you go, US dollar, 1 buck.
Having your first US dollar in your pocket is good luck. Avoir votre premier dollar dans la poche est un signe de chance. So more of them will come. Next one.
4. devise
Currency, devise.
To buy a currency. Acheter des devises. And then you can trade them and make a lot of money.
5. pièce
So pièce, let’s flip a coin and fail. Lancer une pièce de monnaie. To flip a coin. So heads or tails, tails, I am sorry, you lose.
Having many coins in your wallet. Avoir beaucoup de pièces dans son porte-monnaie. I am so rich!
And it’s the end. So how many money do you need to exchange when you go to a new country, and how much do you spend, or what’s your experience about exchanging currencies? Leave us a comment, check the word list and we will see you next week for more French words, bye.