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Lesson Transcript

Lya: So welcome back and let’s start this week with new team that’s in an airplane. I love airplanes. Dans un avion, in an airplane. Let’s go, first word is…
1. avion
Airplane, avion.
I love airplane. J'aime les avions.
traveling by airplane. Voyager en avion.
Airplane meals. Les repas dans l'avion. People say they don’t like them but I like airplane lunch.
2. première classe
First class, yeah, première classe.
This is where you get the champagne.
First class seats are wide. Les sièges de première classe sont larges. And they have a nice big TV and they can bend the seat like that and sleep. I still want to travel first class once in my life. Next one,
3. hôtesse de l'air
Hôtesse de l'air, flight attendant.
There is a comic in France about a flight attendant. It is called Natasha hôtesse de l'air, and you can read it. It is cute and nice and it’s an adventure around the world of this flight attendant called Natasha. Go check it out.
I wanted to be flight attendant. Je voulais être hôtesse de l'air.
Flight attendants must like traveling. Les hôtesses de l'air doivent aimer voyager. What? Come on!
4. sac vomitoire
Sick bag, but in French, it is disgusting. It is called vomit bag. So sac vomitoire or sac à vomi, this is disgusting *bloe*.
Use the sick bag when throwing up. Utiliser un sac à vomi quand on vomit. I’ve never seen people actually using them because flights are kind of comfortable now. Yeah sick bags. Next, next one, what!
5. compartiment bagage au dessus des sièges
Compartiment bagage au dessus des sièges. Overhead storage compartments.
You don’t need the overhead compartment in French, just Compartiment.
Put your luggage in the luggage compartment. Mettre les bagages dans le compartiment à bagages.
And be careful when you open the storage compartments because it can fall on your head. Fait es attention quand vous ouvrez le compartiment à bagages car les bagages peuvent vous tomber sur la tête.
It’s the end. Have a nice flight everyone, and try those words when you fly to France Leave a comment about your airplane experience. Don’t forget to check the word list. I will see you next week, bye!