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Lesson Transcript

Lya: So welcome back to French weekly words and this week’s theme will be about at the hotel. So what do you do at the hotel? First one is…
1. clé
Key, clé.
So getting your key. Recevoir sa clef.
So you go, you check in, you get your key. Yeah.
Don’t lose your key. Ne perdez pas vos clés!
Or to open the door with a key, ouvrir la porte avec la clé. Next one.
2. lit simple
Ah! okay, single bed, lit simple.
So single bed, single beds are so tiny. Les lits simples sont tout petits.
Single bed for one-person room. Un lit simple pour une chambre pour une personne.
Yeah even when I am traveling myself, I usually get double bed because it is the same price. It’s bigger and you can roll in it. Single bed is so small. Well, next one then is…
3. lit double
Double bed, lit double.
Double beds are for two people. Les lits doubles sont pour 2 personnes.
Or for just one person if you are like myself and like to roll in your bed.
I like double bed. J'aime les lits doubles. Next one.
4. occupé
Occupé, no vacancy, there is no vacancy.
L'hôtel est occupé. There are no rooms left.
I had to sleep in my car because there was no vacancy. J'ai dû dormir dans ma voiture car l'hôtel était occupé. This is a sad thing but sometimes it happens. Next one.
5. clef électronique
Clef électronique, electronic key.
Most of the hotels have them right and you just swipe your key, fancy. This is an electronic key but this one isn’t for a hotel. It’s for my room.
To swipe your electronic key. Passer sa carte électronique.
So you swipe it in front of your door. Electronic key, clef électronique.
And it’s the end. So did you manage to check in other hotel in French? Leave me a comment below and don’t forget to check the word list and I will see you next week, bye.