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Lesson Transcript

Lya: Hi watchers and welcome back to French weekly words. So let’s discover the new theme for this week, Life events.
1. anniversaire
Anniversaire, birthday.
It’s my birthday! C'est mon anniversaire!
Happy birthday! Joyeux anniversaire!
Happy birthday to you! Joyeux anniversaire! I want cake, happy birthday everyone.
If today is your birthday, happy birthday and your life will be sad you spend your birthday learning French with me.
2. remise des diplômes
Remise des diplômes, graduation.
I never went to graduation. Je ne suis jamais allée à la remise des diplômes.
We don’t really have graduation in France. Nous n'avons pas vraiment de remise des diplômes en France. Or maybe in University but I don’t know about it.
3. avoir un travail
Avoir un travail. Get a job.
Why don’t you get a job? Va chercher un boulot! which is not really polite.
4. se fiancer
Engage, se fiancer.
I am never getting engaged. Je ne vais jamais me fiancer. Because it’s useless. I don’t need to get married or have children. I hate them, it’s cute for older person but I can’t take care of something.
5. mourir
Mourir. To die.
This is usually what happens when you retire, you just get bored and die. This is sad.
My friend died the other day. Mon ami est mort l'autre jour. Which is true. Don’t die please, please continue learning with me and stay forever. I think that’s it. What can you do after you die? After dying, usually it’s the end. You are done dude. You are dying, done man.
So it’s the end for this week. Don’t forget to check the word list on the website and subscribe if you want to see more of French videos or leave me a comment about what was your favorite life event like when you got married if you got married or when is your birthday and when you do want to die. See you next week, bye.