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Lesson Transcript

Lya: Well, welcome back to weekly words in French. This week’s words will be *tadaaa* being sick. *meh* You don’t want to be sick in France. You don’t want to be sick at all. Then being sick. Let’s start. First word is
1. malade
Malade, sick. Je suis malade. It’s a French song.
Je suis malade. I am sick.
Je suis malade. Complètement malade.
I am sick, I am completely sick, you know. So, malade.
2. toux
Toux is a cough *cough* This is too, right?
Quand j'ai un rhume j'ai de la toux. when I got the cold, I get cough. That’s how you say it, cough.
3. Next one is : vomissement
Vomissement, vomiting. Nice, I didn’t eat yet.
I drank too much so I start vomiting. J'ai trop bu alors j'ai vomi.
A vomiting, no time to go.
4. Next one is: éternuer
éternuer, sneeze. To sneeze.
Les allergies me font éternuer. Allergies make me sneeze.
5. gueule de bois
Gueule de bois. I told you I drank too much already, hang over, gueule de bois.
So since I got to vomit before now I have hangover, right?
So, Comme j'ai trop bu, et j'ai vomi, j'ai la gueule de bois. Since I drank too much and vomit, I have hangover. Nice!
And it is the end of today’s weekly words. So see you next week from French, bye. Wow French!