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Lesson Transcript

Lya: Back in the studio. Hey watchers, welcome for more French weekly words and this week is study subjects, sujets de l'étude. You don’t want to study, which one is the first one?
1. chimie
Chimie, chemistry.
Have you seen breaking bad? it’s science, people.
So chemistry, when you mix fancy products together and it goes *bah*!
To study chemistry. Étudier la chimie.
I got C in chemistry because I blow the class up. J'ai eu un C en chimie parce que j'ai fait exploser la classe.
I got A in chemistry because I blow the class up.
Next one,
2. informatique
Computer science, informatique.
In my time, computer science at school was so lame. Hey let’s learn to type stuff into wordpad.
Les cours d'informatique. Computer science lessons.
To have a degree in computer science. Avoir une licence en informatique.
Next one.
3. affaires
Affaires, business, which in France can also be said as business.
Les affaires sont les affaires. business is business.
Next one.
4. maths
Maths, it’s the guy over here.
Maths, I like Maths. J'aime les maths.
I like Matt as well. He is fun.
5. géographie
Géographie, Geography.
If you watched our previous French words, you should have learned Geography already.
In geography you learn about the earth. En géographie on apprend des trucs sur la Terre.
And it’s the end, so leave me a comment about what did you study and check the word list on the website for more stuff to study and we will see you next week, bye.


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Which word do you like the most?

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Bonjour Irina,

Merci pour ton commentaire ! Attention à bien utiliser un article devant tes noms, il faut dire "la biologie".

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Merci pour сette leçon!

Moi, j'étude biologie.

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Bonjour Careyotani,

You're right, kind of. The Minitel was the ancestor of the Internet, kind of like the first version of the Internet before it was created and became widespread!

Bonjour Tangela,

Merci pour ton commentaire ! 😄

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Very nice 👍👌

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Science Informatique

I think in the 1990s the trains stations in France had touch screen ticket machines. And I think in the 1980s France had something called Minitel. Do you know what that was? Was it something like the Internet?